Get This: Ojon Tunu Elastic Shampoo & Conditioner..

I have been meaning to write about this for a while.  The bottles stare me down in the shower daily – I keep telling myself, “D’oh!  I keep forgetting to write about this!” as I am lathering up.  Well here it is….I love anything that Ojon does but this is phenomenal.  Especially for my weird hair….which if you are not aware is straight/slightly wavy on the top, curly in the back and wavy on the sides.  Go figure.  In addition, I have no discernible curl pattern and oh by the way, it’s extremely fine, get’s frizzy very easily and lacks body.

ojon tunu elastik shampoo conditioner Get This:  Ojon Tunu Elastic Shampoo & Conditioner..

So to help me with my frizzies etc etc…I decided to give this a whirl and boy was my hair silky silky and not one frizz.  Tunu Elastik Hair Smoothing Cleanser and Conditioner work together to help control untamed, frizzy or unruly tresses – and most importantly, there’s no compromise on body and bounce to obtain smooth, sleek hair. Now I know you are saying to yourself…. cleanser??  Yeah I know cleanser….it doesn’t lather up like most shampoos do until the 2nd or 3rd pass.  There isn’t a whole lot of detergent which is also good for fine hair.  BUT despite that, your hair will feel unbelievably clean and soft when you are finished.

Each contain a unique ingredient, Crambe Seed Oil that helps smooth while adding a natural, healthy lustre to frizzy, coarse or unruly hair.  As with all Ojon products, they contain the ‘signature’ wildcrafted  Ojon Oil along with a new ingredient Swa+Oil – which is a unique ingredient with nine naturally occurring amino acids – the building blocks of both hair and skin!

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