Smell This: Diptyque’s NEW Fragrance L’Eau de Tarocco…

diptyque Smell This:  Diptyque’s NEW Fragrance L’Eau de Tarocco...Diptyque announces the launch of L’Eau de Tarocco, the scent of the spring/summer seasons for both genders. Composed with exceptional raw materials, the fruitiest fragrance of Diptyque’s cologne collection encompasses notes of blood orange, grapefruit, saffron, Bulgarian rose, cedar wood and white musk. In tribute to the new fragrance, Diptyque’s cologne collection, which launched in 2008, will now be available in smaller, more convenient 100 ml bottles.

Inspired by the exhilarating scent of the Mediterranean in winter. It calls to mind the sweet flavor of fresh-squeezed blood orange juice served in tall glasses at café terraces in the South of France.  Highlighted with tangy grapefruit and a variety of slightly bitter Florida oranges, Tarocco’s essence is sprinkled with cinnamon and beautifully drawn out with the notes of Bulgarian Rose. It evokes a dessert made of sliced oranges, seasoned and marinated to bring out all the natural flavors while saffron comes into play, spicing up the experience.

The blend includes a woody top note of cedar, split to keep only the dry vibrant core, and a few drops of Somali frankincense adds just the right contrast to the dynamic energy, creating a perfect finish.  After it dries down it smells very woody on me with a hint of citrus….very light and clean.

L’Eau de Tarocco and the entire Diptyque Cologne Collection is available in both 100 ml bottles for $98 and 200 ml for $135 at the Diptyque boutiques in San Francisco and New York, as well as Diptyque retailers nationwide.

The Rundown:

  • L’Eau des Hespérides – Bitter orange, mandarin, lemon and sharp green mints make it the most aromatic.
  • L’Eau de Néroli – Verbena, bergamot, orange blossoms and luscious beeswax make it the most floral.
  • L’Eau de L’Eau – Green mandarin, grapefruit, geranium, cinnamon, benzoin balm and tonka bean make it the spiciest.

Smell Pretty!!

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