Spa Love: My First Chemical Peel at Ted Gibson/Hela Spa in Chevy Chase…

TG_helaOkay….so regular readers know this about me,  I am a complete FOOL for skin care. My philosophy is that if your skin doesn’t look good, then nothing you put on top to cover it, spackle it, mask it will work. You will just look like you have on a ton of makeup (not my favorite look at ALL). You can never get “new skin” no matter what you do, so you have to take care of the skin you’ve got…period.

That being said, you all also know that I am no stranger to Botox, and although I haven’t gotten any follow up injections, I was looking for something a bit less invasive and a lot less pricey. Enter esthetician JoElle Lyons from the Ted Gibson/Hela Spa in Chevy Chase. I was there this past Saturday for a new shorter do for the upcoming Fashion Week in NYC and I wanted to get a facial as well.  Joelle looked at my chart (I didn’t even know I had a chart there…LOL) and remarked that I had done an enzyme peel the last time I was there and asked me how I liked it.  I told her that I liked it, it felt gentle etc.  “Okay…she says and makes a note in the chart!!  Then she proceeded to dazzle me with her knowledge of skin, she started the facial (a Greta Garbo) and talked the whole time (which I am not accustomed to, but I enjoyed it!!). Her fingers danced and tiptoed across my face (which felt amazing….), she encouraged me to ask questions and she answered everything.  Joelle is a self proclaimed “results oriented esthetician” who says that, “Relaxation is nice but I want my clients to leave here feeling like we changed their skin for the better.”  Well for the money spent on spa treatments and facials, I would have to agree with her.

She informed me that we were going to be doing a 10% glycolic peel and I was like what??  “Ohhh wait I have never done that before…won’t it burn??“, I said.  She immediately put me at ease and told me that the peel had a built in buffer and that she thought my skin was healthy enough to handle it.  I thought about it and just went with it….I am SO glad I did. I felt an itchy sensation while it was on at first but then that subsided. After the peel came off she continued the facial, which was customized for me and MY skin….FAB.

JoElle’s suggestions for keeping your skin in tip top shape at home if you can’t afford to get a facial regularly….

  • Use double duty skin care Make sure your skin care is providing you with more than one area of targeted treatment.  Like a cleanser with glycolic acid, or a serum that you can use before bed and spot treat in the AM
  • Use glycolic/aha treatments Out of everything that she mentioned this is her biggest must have for softening lines, anti aging benefits etc…
  • Use as few items as possible Edit your skin care routine down to a few items (no more than four) and you will be more likely to use them regularly…and regular use means better skin 😉

When she was finished, (she gave me a mini neck/shoulder/arm massage…I die!) my skin looked and felt like a baby’s!!  It was soft, smooth and hydrated.  She has changed my skin forever, if you are in the DC Metro area, you must see her…you will notice results in one session.  Skeptical??  Don’t be, come see for yourself!!  I am pleased to offer you a special treat, click on the image below for a special offer to TMG readers, a WHOPPING 50% off Facial Treatments, Microdermabrasion & Peels with complimentary brow, lip or underarm wax. When you arrive for your appointment, print out the coupon and bring it with you to the salon.

Stay Pretty!!!

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