Makeover Madness: Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa – Chicago…

Hey!  So as you may or may not know…I was in Chicago a few weeks ago for an event.  While I was there, I decided it would be an awesome idea to do a makeover on a local woman…a stay at home mom.  As luck would have it…my friend’s wife Rebecca, had a serious case of what I like to call… “the mommies”.  Her husband is in sales and travels quite frequently.  Consequently,  the majority of the time she is left to deal with kids, home etc.  In fact, she spent so much time taking care of those things that in the process she lost a little bit of herself.  I know you can all identify with that (I know I can…..).  Statistics show that if a stay at home mom were actually on a payroll, her salary would be $122,732 [reuters] and if she got that, then maybe she could go to the spa more often!  Are you ready to see?  Are you??  She looks AMAZING…………


So here’s how it all went down.  After a few calls and emails, I had the day of beauty in place…now I just had to get Rebecca on board!  (that’s right, she had no CLUE).  My friend told her about her “day of beauty” and luckily she was excited about it, so excited beyond words.  So I get to Chicago and guess what?  She’s got a cold!  So I called her up and gave her the pep talk of all pep talks, told her she cannot miss this opportunity, and this is for her and she deserves it!  Then I told her to double up on the Nyquil and go to bed (it was 8:00 the night before).  She listened and met me the next day at the beautiful sprawling Michigan Avenue Red Door Spa.  She hugged me hard and looked almost in tears as they took her away to what I can only imagine to be the most relaxing day of her life.

The Rundown:

  • Sensitive Skin Facial with Mila Kuseyko
  • Swedish Massage with Colleen McCaffrey
  • Color and Cut with Daniel Janicek
  • Warm Cream Manicure with Olita Soblinski
  • Makeup with Samantha Picchietti

I came back and checked on her around lunch time, and she was on her way to get her hair done.  She told me she felt like a rock star and she looked SO relaxed and happy!  More hugs, then she was whisked away to do hair and makeup.  Her stylist, Daniel even stayed late to make sure everything looked perfect after her makeup was finished!  After her day of beauty, my friend took her shopping and they came to my “Drugstore Diva” cocktail party later that night.  She had been at the salon from 10 am to 5pm!  Can you believe??  The look on my friend’s face sitting next to his gorgeous wife was enough for me…he had his arm around her and a HUGE grin on his face!!  I must say, it made me a bit faklempt.  My message to you is this, take time for YOURSELF…….everyday!  Obviously, not everyone can afford an entire makeover BUT if you follow these small steps, you can get rid of “the mommies” too.

  • Get your hair done at a professional salon – On a regular basis, and I don’t mean SuperCuts either!!  It’s a small price to pay for something that will make you feel a thousand times better.  Plus you get to be alone for a few hours to clear your head!
  • Have an at home spa day – Go to the drugstore, grab some bath salts, scrubs, moisturizer etc, Go into your bathroom, lock the door and veg out for an hour.  Place essential oils like lavender or vanilla on your towels and throw them in the dryer.  The heat will bring out the scent and hello…instant spa environment.
  • Go to The Bobbi Brown Counter – Bobbi makes the best makeup for everyday hands down.  Go visit your local counter and one of the artists will be happy to help put a look together for you.  The palettes are a great way to have everything you need in one place without breaking your piggy bank.
  • Wear fragrance everyday – Fragrance is a personal, therapeutic, sensory experience.  Wear what YOU like, test things out.  I wear fragrance for myself and if someone else happens to like it too…that’s just an added bonus.

So dress up the package, have an at home spa day, lock the door and take a bath, take time out for YOU because if you are happy then your husband/boyfriend/wife/kids will be happy too.

Stay Pretty!!

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