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By: Guest Writer, Karen E. Duncan

ANEWReversalistNightCreamA few weeks ago, I had the unique opportunity to be part of a select group of Beauty Writers and Bloggers to attend an Avon behind-the-scenes event for Avon.  The topic was their latest skincare breakthrough — Reversalist Renewal Cream and Serum.  As part of the event,  we got to tour Avon’s Global Research & Development Center located in Suffern, NY.  We also were able to talk to the scientist who helped create this innovative new product.

Avon’s Global R&D building is located on the site of the original Avon building and features state of the art features. It cost $100 million to build and reflects Avon’s commitment to science and innovation providing their 300 scientists a best-in-class environment to work.

We first met with Dr. Janice Teal, Chief Scientific Officer and an Avon veteran of more than 25 years. She was instrumental in the development of the design for the new Avon Global facility which took 5 years to build. She told us that Avon is a company that values innovation but it also has heart.  Which makes sense since it has been able to survive for 125 years! Also, Avon really is “the company for women”, 50% of their 300 scientists are women and represent 23 different countries.

We also had the chance to meet Glen Anderson, who heads the Skincare Product Development Laboratory and Anthony Gonzalez, Leader of the Team to develop pioneering skincare.  Both of these talented individuals were instrumental in the creation of Reversalist. Glen led us on a tour of the building and I have to say I was thoroughly impressed. The building was visually stimulating, featuring innovative and well thought out meeting and work spaces that encourage collaboration.

Of course being a Makeup Artist as well as Beauty Blogger,  my favorite place was the Color Cosmetics Lab and the Color Library/Archive. My second favorite was the Creative Fragrance Department, it smelled heavenly! As a result of touring Avon’s facility, Avon’s commitment to innovation and safety was very evident. They really do believe in implementing stringent testing of their products. I’m so happy that I got the opportunity to be part of this exclusive event!

Here’s the Product 411:

Avon has just introduced two new products in the ANEW line of skincare products – ANEW Reversalist Renewal Cream and Renewal Serum. The ANEW Reversalist products have reinvented wrinkle repair. Avon scientist spent 5 years conducting ground breaking research studying how the skin heals itself and what triggers the repair mechanism in skin. Wrinkles and aging are a result of micro injuries to the skin and Avon scientist discovered how to activate key repair molecule with a breakthrough new technology, Activinol.

Avon’s patent-pending Activinol Technology has been shown to increase the production of Activin, skin’s key repair molecule, to help boost skin’s ability to repair itself and create fresh skin. Avon’s Reversalist products uses two biologically derived Phytochemicals in it’s Activinol Technology:

  • Amorphophallus
  • Stimulates Activin production to help trigger skin’s repair process.
  • Sesbania
  • Boosts skin’s support structure to help deliver less wrinkled skin.

ANEW Reversalist Renewal Cream ($32.00)

A velvety, creamy textured cream with a smooth, soft and powdery finish.

  • In 1 week 73% of women said their skin looked and felt reborn
  • In 4 weeks the appearance of fine wrinkles and discolorations were dramatically

ANEW Reversalist Renewal Serum ($44.00)

A lightweight silky serum with a satiny finish. Designed to boost the night cream with 5X more Activinol Technology

  • Overnight 75% of women felt like they had new skin.
  • Over time 88% of women agreed their skin looked dramatically younger.

More ANEW Reversalist products that complement the Cream and Serum will be launched in 2010, including, Renewal Foaming Cleanser (Jan. 2010), Day Renewal Cream SPF 25 (Mar. 2010) and Illumination Eye System (Mar. 2010).

You can purchase your Anew Reversalist Renewal Cream and Renewal Serum exclusively through an Avon Representative or by visiting


Karen E. Duncan – Guest Writer

Karen is a certified makeup “addict” and beauty lover, who escaped corporate America to pursue a career in makeup. She now works as a professional freelance Makeup Artist/Hairstylist working in a variety of areas such as fashion, runway, television, video, etc. Karen also shares her love of all things beauty via her Beauty Blog, Karen’s World of Beauty.

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