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You all remember when Lianne got her Keratin treatment a few months back.  This treatment is similar but slightly less expensive.   By now, I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Brazilian Blowout.  If you haven’t,  let me tell you about it! The Brazilian Blowout is a fairly pricey, in-salon only treatment that a handful of celebrities are currently endorsing. Until now, I had very little knowledge of what made a Brazilian Blowout different than any other “permanent straightening” or Keratin straightening treatment.

Today I was able to get an insider’s view and gain knowledge of this up-and-coming treatment at the International Beauty Show (IBS). After walking past the booth and reading through the information, my friend Dzi, (who I attended with) asked to be a hair model during their last demonstration of the day!

The Brazilian Blowout is not permanent hair straightening, but instead is a treatment to help minimize frizz, smooth the hair and add shine. There are many advantages to the Brazilian Blowout over other treatments since it contains no formaldehyde, or any other chemical ending in”-aldehyde”. As a matter of fact, none of the chemicals in it will change into an “-aldehyde” when it’s used on the hair.  The Brazilian Blowout uses a nutrient-complex and a proprietary polymer system that essentially “fills in” damaged areas in the hair shaft and cuticles, making the hair appear smoother and helps to condition the hair which actually makes the hair healthier! Additionally, the Brazilian Blowout treatment can be used on any type of hair, including processed and/or color-treated hair, damaged hair, ethnic hair, good quality extensions and wigs. The Brazilian Blowout can also be used to relax and smooth new hair growth after getting a permanent straightening treatment.

Unlike other treatments that may take several hours, the Brazilian Blowout only takes about 90 minutes to complete and lasts up to twelve weeks. After twelve weeks if you choose not to re-treat your hair with another Brazilian Blowout, it will simply return to its original state and will not show the signs of “growing out” that occur after a permanent straightening.

According to Dzi, while processing, the treatment didn’t smell and didn’t burn or make her scalp itch. When the process was finished she told me her hair smelled like “tropical citrus.”

The steps to the Brazilian Blowout are quite simple (but you’d never know what they were if you never had one):

  • The stylists shampooed Dzi’s hair with the Brazilian Blowout Anti-Residue shampoo three times to help balance the pH of her hair and open the cuticles to prepare for the treatment.
  • The treatment solution, which is measured by the capful, was applied with a hair color brush in small sections then combed through several times. (Only 1.5 capfuls were needed to do Dzi’s whole head!)
  • Dzi was blown dry with an ionizing hair dryer and a natural bristle brush while the treatment solution was still applied to her hair, then flat-ironed with a 400-degree iron.
  • The stylists rinsed Dzi’s hair for 2 minutes then applied the Brazilian Blowout Hair Masque with Acai for 1-2 minutes. Her hair was rinsed again after the masque application.
  • The stylists then applied the Brazilian Blowout Hair Serum with Acai.
  • Dzi received a second blowout, and voila! She was good to go. (No flat iron required!)

Her hair had great body, was smooth, silky, super-shiny and virtually frizz-free! The stylists at Brazilian Blowout sent Dzi on her way with the Brazilian Blowout Shampoo and Conditioner with Acai to make the blowout last longer.

The product line that Brazilian Blowout retails is completely sulfate-free and includes shampoo, conditioner, serum and a hair masque. In select salons that offer the Brazilian Blowout treatment, the products retail anywhere from $34-$40 each. In addition, all of the products contain SPF to help protect those precious locks from the sun!

The Brazilian Blowout itself will cost you a little bit more, but I can tell you, based on Dzi’s results, it appears to be worth every penny!  Stay tuned!  In a couple of weeks I’ll be sure to let you know how Dzi’s hair is holding up!!

To find more information on the Brazilian Blowout and how to find a salon that offers this treatment near your hometown, please visit their website.

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