Must Have: Makeup Forever Aqua Cream…

Ahhhh summertime….hot, steamy (it’s already 79 degrees here and the sun is barely up!) and for me the best time to start using cream based products.  Meet my new friend Makeup Forever Aqua Cream Waterproof a new creamy, super long-lasting, waterproof, crease proof,  pigment rich eye lip and cheek creams (say that ten times fast!!)  If waterproof is your thing like me, you will want to check these out before you hit the beach, boat or convertible this summer.

The consistency is super creamy and it seriously will not budge after it has been applied.  I suggest using a fiber brush so you can control the amount going on.  Also, not all the colors are bright and scary…they have some perfectly respectable bronze, plum and grey shades  for eyes along with the requisite crazy colors.  Aqua Cream comes in 21 shades, listed as safe for lips and cheeks or eyes and cheeks.

mufe aquacreme Must Have:  Makeup Forever Aqua Cream...

The Rundown:

Shades for Lips and Cheeks

  • #5 Peach
  • #6 Fresh Pink
  • #7 Fuchsia
  • #8 Red
  • #9 Coral
  • #10 Orange

Shades for Eyes and Cheeks

  • #1 Anthracite
  • #2 Steel
  • #3 Silver
  • #4 Snow
  • #11 Gold
  • #12 Golden Copper
  • #13 Warm Beige
  • #14 Satin Brown
  • #15 Taupe
  • #16 Pink Beige
  • #17 Plum
  • #18 Purple
  • #20 Intense Blue
  • #21 Turquoise
  • #22 Emerald Green

Aqua Cream is available exclusively at Sephora and retails for $22.00.

Stay Pretty!!

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  • Hasty

    i loovs this stuff i put it on my toilet and also my butt lips and the shimmered like my big booty bread whores

  • Anonymous

    I am constantly using mufe aqua creams in my tutorials on my blog. they are truly the best universal product ever!

  • Lianne

    YES! And they are so highly that…

  • Melanie

    I have the peach shade it goes with everything a nice natural color, especailly working with light for filming.