Summer 2010: Clinique Sun With SolarSmart…

Hello out there!  It’s summertime my babies and if you are not already using a sunscreen on a daily basis then shame on you!  You NEED it in your life if nothing but to keep the pesky wrinkles at bay.  Cliniques’s newest range of suncare uses proprietary SolarSmart technology that offers a comprehensive defense against harmful UV rays with 3:1 technology, where UVB protection is three times proportional to UVA protection.  According to the press release, the ratio 3:1 is crucial to ensure products contain an appropriate amount of UVA protection. The SolarSmart Technology is a unique blend of photostable sunscreens designed to help skin defend itself from UV assault.

“There is no harmless amount of sun exposure for the skin. Even small daily amounts of UV exposure contribute to photo-aging, alterations in the immune system and skin cancer. In fact, we now believe that about 80% of the skin changes we perceive as ‘aging’ are due to sun exposure. This is why daily sun protection is crucial all year long, regardless of season.” – Dr. David Orentreich, Clinique’s Guiding Dermatologist

Clinique Sun with Solar Smart collection offers advanced protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays while helping repair post-sun damage. About 80% of the skin changes that we perceive as “aging” is actually due to sun exposure. If you plan on being outdoors or in the water, you will have to apply more often (please heed my pleas!)

The Rundown:

The formulas are non-greasy, oil-free, water and sweat resistant, non-pore clogging.  The best thing about that is that you can wear it under makeup without getting that “ashy look” under your foundation.  These are also great for people with sensitive skin.  The Skin Cancer Foundation, a leading organization dedicated to the preventiopn, detection and treatment of skin cancer, has given all of the products in Clinique’s Sun Collection its Seal of Recommendation.

Get Clinique Sun at your favorite Clinique counter or online at Also, right now, with any Clinique purchase of $35 or more, you will get a big pretty yellow large canvas beach tote.

Sun Pretty!!

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    The body spray is a MUST have because it makes application a snap. For $20 the prices is right so I'm going to hop on it and pick one or two up for myself and my family.

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    nice, thanks