Life Changer: Exceptionnel de Chanel Intense Volume and Curl Mascara…

Next to a picture of my guru Paramahansa Yogananda on my altar of worship sits the Chanel logo. To say that I am a devotee to the house if Chanel is putting it mildly, so I was very excited to review Chanel’s newest mascara – Exceptionnel de Chanel Intense Volume and Curl Mascara. It has a gorgeous and innovative six-sided brush called “Sculptvolume”(3 brush rows and 3 lash comb rows) to create a clump-free and dramatic, high glam lashes. My lashes have always been “meh”, unlike my fabulous sister with her mile long cow lashes. I have always had unruly, spindly lashes that needed as much help as possible. I don’t mean to be dramatic, (yes I do!) but it has literally transformed the way I feel about my lashes. With a 3 month shelf life, I don’t really like to reach too deep in the pocket on mascara in this economic climate, but honey, I would definitely splurge on this! At $28 a pop, you expect the best, and Chanel really delivers.

My lashes were literally “organized” by the brush, fanning them out dramatically, with a lush yet natural look. It is so good that only one coat for daytime is all I needed because with all of the Mommying I have to do all day, I need a shot of eye opening glam in the morning to give me that little confidence and wake up kick! It lasted all day, even in humidity and near the Bay! It really lengthened, separated and de-clumped my wayward lashes! The sleek and shiny tube is very glamorous, and feels good in the hand. The logo is elegant, understated and modern at the bottom of the tube, and has a bold clean CHANEL at the base in front. Word to the wise, one is suppose to actually turn the wand around your lashes as you apply, so that takes some getting used to, but the results are really worth it. Let’s all learn something new, darlings!

The colour I sampled was Smoky Brun which is a beautiful coffee bean brown, but I look forward to trying all of thier “Smokies!” SMOKY NOIR, a greyish hue, SMOKY MARINE, a blue green stunner, SMOKY VIOLINE, an eggplantish hue, and NOIRS OBSCURS which is black. You just know Uncle Karl Lagerfield is behind these eyecatching names…I just love him! What an amazing creative legend…I just know his hand (while fluttering his little black fan) is behind almost everything having to do with the brand, including this amazing “Sculptvolume” brush.

For those of us out there that need that extra oomph to create the perfect lash rack..look no further! Chanel has got it covered for those of us who are not naturally as lashalicious as we would like to be. ; ) Now we can all feel like a fashion model with perfect lashes, or someone who sat in a makeup chair with a famous makeup artist for hours!

Lash Pretty!

Price: $28
Where to Buy?, Department stores

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    Exceptionnel de Chanel Intense Volume and Curl Mascara is awsome! i tried it myself and it’s absolutley superb!