TMG Project: Go Behind the Scenes at the MAC Cosmetics Production Facility and Estée Lauder Companies Canadian Innovation Centre…

Last week I had the pleasure of traveling to Toronto with a group of fellow bloggers to the MAC production facility and Estée Lauder Companies Canadian Innovation Centre. The production facility and the Innovation Centre are located directly across from each other in Markham which is about an hour away from Toronto.

I arrived in Toronto on a Wednesday afternoon and met up with my fellow blogging buddies for dinner, some are girls I am friends with and others I was meeting for the first time (but it felt like I knew them forever anyway LOL). Joining me on the tour were: AileenAmberPatriceLesleyKarenChristineWendy and Lily.  We had a BLAST.  The tour and the behind the scenes action were only part of the reasons for my trip – but I’ll share more on that later 😉

In the morning, we boarded a bus headed to the facility in Markham, when we arrived we went directly to the production facility where we were decked out in full gear including  lab coats, steel toed shoe covers and safety glasses!  No jewelry allowed either!! Here we go!  While in the facility, I saw how the cosmetics are MADE.  I got to “flame” a lipstick for imperfections (passing a finished lipstick over an open flame) I also took a test that they give people that are potential candidates for a job in the color lab – of course I passed with flying colors hahaha. The scent of vanilla filled the air as I watched MAC Shy Girl Cream Sheen lipstick get molded, quality checked and packaged!  I also saw a few other Estée Lauder Companies brand products whizzing by as this facility also creates products for other ELC brands, however each brand gets its own “TLC” at the facility and products are uniquely formulated.

After the production tour, we had lunch and then headed over to the Innovation Centre.  There, a group of MAC chemists were eagerly awaiting our arrival (I love chemists!!).  We discussed the science behind MAC’s Eyeshadows and lipglasses and were going watch them blend some products!  I watched as the chemists mixed pigments and added scents to get that famous vanilla smell that MAC lipglass has.  The shadows are made with a kitchen blender and a mason jar! The recipes are exact and the chemists take their job VERY seriously.  They were all talking about color payoff and wearability which was SO cool, it was truly my favorite part of the whole experience.  I was in awe of seeing how an idea can make it all the way to a finished product. I was also exhausted after being on my feet for 8 hours!  I have newfound respect for the people that stand on their feet all the time doing what I did for ONE DAY.

I loved hanging out with my fellow bloggers and was SO EXCITED to be there.  Really, it was an amazing experience and I’m so happy that I can share some behind the scenes goodies with you!!

Stay Pretty!!

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  • Priscillafrancine Makeup

    This is amazing, how did you ladies get chosen or connected with Estee Lauder like this?

  • Lianne

    Hey! I guess the best answer is I’ve been covering the brand for 5 years now and I am on their press list. For this particular event, we were all chosen from a larger list of editors to attend.