My Hocus Pocus Shadow & MAC Cosmetics Bloggers’ Obsessions…

Hello my babies!!  This past 6 weeks has been BEYOND painful as I have been DYING to tell you this news.  Remember when I went to Toronto?  Well there was another reason for me being there besides touring the Estee Lauder Companies production facility. I was one of 9 bloggers chosen by MAC Cosmetics for a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a shade for their line.  A group of over 100 bloggers were contacted last January and were asked to submit concepts for both a lipglass and an eyeshadow along with a visual presentation (the list was whittled down from over 80 by creative submissions). I am overwhelmed and honored to have been chosen, the experience has enriched and changed my life for the better 100%.  All I kept saying the entire time was that I was just really excited to be there.  As a true beauty junkie….being able to create something from nothing was as amazing and super cool as it sounds.  Now, onto my shade…which is rooted in the classic smokey eye.  This is one of the MAIN questions I get from YOU my readers.  How to do it, what to use etc etc.  There are several videos all over the net describing how to do it.  But I wanted a shadow that anyone could wear and that would be easy to use (you can use your fingertips – no brush necessary but feel free to use them if you want!) The shade was custom blended by ME (I had help from a chemist but she made me do all the work, go figure LOL) to be an ultra flattering shade for ANYONE expert or novice…subtle or dramatic.  You can wear it alone or with another shadow.  I am VERY proud of my baby which I dubbed Hocus Pocus, because it’s like MAGIC.  Over the next few weeks I will demo it in a bunch of different ways so you can see how easy it is!

HocusPocus My Hocus Pocus Shadow & MAC Cosmetics Bloggers Obsessions...

Having this experience with my other fellow bloggers AileenAmberPatriceLesleyKarenChristineWendy and Lily was amazing as well.  We definitely bonded over our love for makeup and everyone was equally excited about the possibilities the project had to offer.  You will LOVE the entire collection too, it’s a little bit of everything (I think all the shades can be worn and interchanged together as well!) Hats off to the fabulous and capable chemists that were with us on this journey, they were AMAZING.

Liannes Desk Submission My Hocus Pocus Shadow & MAC Cosmetics Bloggers Obsessions...  My submission to MAC Cosmetics

So are you on the edge of your seat?  Can you stand it?  Without further ado, I present the limited edition MAC Cosmetics Bloggers’ Obsession collection for Summer 2011.

No one  ♥’s M∙A∙C More than a Beauty Blogger. To thank them for their passionate devotion & always honest feedback, we invited nine of our favourites to our lab in Toronto to Custom-Create their own eye shadow or lipglass.  Available exclusively online,  just like the makeup-mad minds that created them.

mac bloggers obsessions all My Hocus Pocus Shadow & MAC Cosmetics Bloggers Obsessions...

The Rundown:

Eye Shadow $14.50 U.S./$17.50 CDN

  • Beauty Blogging Junkie – Amber Katz www.beautybloggingjunkie.comSparkle Neely, Sparkle – deep rusty brown with champagne-colored sparkle
  • Temptalia – Christine Mielke Jealousy Wakes  – seething emerald green with teal and gold pearl
  • Lipstick Powder N Paint – Lesley Ellen Parisian Skies – muted grey-blue
  • The Makeup Girl – Lianne Hocus Pocus – dark sooty grey with silver pearl

Lipglass $14.50 U.S./$17.50 CDN

  • Makeup and Beauty Blog – Karen Monterichard Evolution Revolution – warm peachy pink with subtle purple, green and blue micro glitter
  • Afrobella – Patrice Yursik All Of My Purple Life – deep purple/grape with subtle sparkle
  • Beauty Maverick – Lily Nima Caqui - persimmon orange
  • The Shades of  U – Aileen De Los Angeles Sonoran Rain – deep coral-red with gold and silver pearl
  • Nitrolicious – Wendy Lam Nitro:licious 2046 – intense shiny red

The limited edition collection will be available online only in North America   June 21, 2011 at

Shop Pretty!!!!

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    Your color is GORGEOUS! I can’t wait to snag it!

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    Lianne, Congratulations!!!! I can’t wait to get my hands on your eyeshadow. What a great idea with great bloggers. I’m buying the entire collection, everything looks so wearable :-) 

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    This is super amazing!

    A) Congrats!

    B) I can’t wait to see this in the store! :)

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    Congrats babes!!! LOVE IT!  So beautiful!!

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    I LOVE IT!!!!  Great concept Lianne – I cant wait to purchase!

  • Shana Janelle

    I LOVE IT!!!!  Great concept Lianne – I cant wait to purchase!

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    Hey Lianne!

    I can’t wait to rock your shadow. It was a pleasure meeting you!

  • Karen

    Hey Lianne!

    I can’t wait to rock your shadow. It was a pleasure meeting you!

  • Lianne

    Likewise Karen!  Your the bees knees!  Can’t WAIt to try everyone’s shades! xo L

  • Lianne

    Thanks so much for all the well wishes everyone!!  This was indeed a dream come true!! xo L

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    Millie!  Thank you honey!! I want a hug! xo L

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    Thank you!

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    Likewise Karen!!  Your the bees knees!!! xo L

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    Hey Sasha!  Online only, June 21st! xo L

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