MAC Cosmetics Bloggers’ Obsessions Collection is LIVE!!

Update: Hocus Pocus is officially SOLD OUT in North America!!  You guys are the best readers ever!  I’ll be doing a giveaway this week….stay tuned and check the site daily.  Best way to stay updated with more/new info is through twitter or facebook

Hi my beauties!!  So excited to share this moment with you!  The MAC Bloggers’ Obsessions collection is live and I am SO excited for you guys to try everything!!  I wanted to share a moment with you that I had with my good friend and fellow bloginista Patrice from Afrobella.  Patrice and I were both a little overwhelmed with this opportunity but since we are friends, we were supporting each other, trying to stay in the moment and take everything in.  How exciting it was and how blessed we were to have such a wonderful opportunity.  We were having a very deep conversation in the photo below.  We were on our way to the lab to meet the chemists and start blending.  We had no idea what to expect or how we were going to do what was expected of us – but we were just gonna roll with it.  I will be forever grateful to her for that moment.

Patrice & I at MAC HQ in Toronto

A lot has been said about this collection some positive and some not so positive.  I am lucky to have the greatest readers in the world who have supported me from day one and I am so thankful for that because without you there would be no Makeup Girl.  For all of the people that choose to judge what we did with MAC in Toronto and how we did it, take some time out for yourself and dream your own dreams instead of wasting your time coveting ours.  We are all stars in our own little movies, the brightness of that star depends on how much time you spend polishing it.  That being said, my baby Hocus Pocus makes her professional debut right now!  Go check her and everyone else’s shades out!!  If you need to see swatches to help make your decision see mine here.  See swatches on lighter skin on Christine’s (eyes), (lips) & Karen’s (swatches) sites.

You can use the code BLOG for free standard shipping on all orders.

Here is a rundown just as a refresher 😉

The Rundown:

Eyeshadow ($14.50 U.S. / $17.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Hocus Pocus Dark sooty grey with silver pearl (Satin) (The Makeup GirlThis is the shade that I created, if you want to learn more about it and see behind the scenes photos click here or here.
  • Jealousy Wakes Seething emerald green with teal and gold pearl (Veluxe Pearl) (Temptalia)
  • Parisian Skies Muted grey-blue (Satin) (Lipstick Powder N Paint)
  • Sparkle, Neely, Sparkle! Deep rusty brown with champagne-colored sparkle (Velvet) (Beauty Blogging Junkie)

Lipglass ($14.50 U.S. / $17.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • All of My Purple Life Deep purple/grape with subtle sparkle (semi-opaque) (Afrobella)
  • Caqui Persimmon orange (semi-opaque) (Beauty Maverick)
  • Evolution Revolution Warm peachy pink with subtle purple, green, blue micro glitter (sheer) (Makeup and Beauty Blog)
  • Nitro:licious 2046 Intense shiny red (semi opaque) (Nitrolicious)
  • Sonoran Rain Deep coral-red with gold and silver pearl (semi-opaque) (The Shades of U)

More Info on the collection:

Official Color Story
The Making of Hocus Pocus
Hocus Pocus Behind the Scenes & Swatches
Bloggers’ Obsessions Swatches and Photos
Video Interview about the making of Hocus Pocus

On sale now on ONLY.  I 100% appreciate all of your support during this amazing time and I am honored to share this journey with you!!  You guys are AMAZING….

Stay Pretty!!  :-)

About Lianne Farbes

Lianne Farbes is the Publisher and Editor In Chief of TheMakeupGirl. She is a Beauty Expert with over 20 years of experience working with makeup and skincare and has held every retail beauty position from sales girl to counter manager. She has made a living as a professional makeup artist and continues to spread her beauty knowledge through seminars and speaking engagements throughout the US. You can follow Lianne on twitter at @LianneFarbes or beauty related tweets at @TheMakeupgirl Follow us on Instagram at @MakeupGirlBlog for swatches and other cool pics too! You can also visit me on Google+

  • everythingblue

    I placed my order for a couple of items from the collection! How fun :)

  • everythingblue

    I placed my order for a couple of items from the collection! How fun :)

  • Anonymous

    Girl, don’t let these haters shake you donw. You, Afrobella, and Karen are women who I have looked up to for a while, and I’m so happy for you girls!!!! enjoy

  • NeenaJ

    Hi Lianne,

    I bought Hocus Pocus and I can’t wait until it arrives at my doorstep.  It’s my hope that the Bloggers’ Obsessions Collection proves to people that it’s important to believe in your dreams and enjoy what you do (whether a job or hobby).  None of the bloggers wrote that they thought – in their wildest dreams – this would happen to them.  But, you all carried on (while you thought no one was watching), being true to yourselves, your fans, and your dreams… and POUF!!!

    While many are happy for you, I’m sure just as many are good-naturedly envious, and another (hopefully smaller percent) are truly jealous.  It’s human nature.  But, I hope you carry on being you in the wake of this amazing opportunity.

    Congratulations to you and all the Bloggers involved in this unprecedented collection!

  • Mariella99ca

    I’m so thrilled I got Hocus Pocus before it sold out (I missed out on JW because I went to the GYM!!!  It wasn’t even available when I left and it was “Sold Out” by the time I got home, 2 hours later).  Someone needs to tell the people at MAC that they’ve got a hit on their hands with the products that sold out in less than 12 hours so that they will do ANOTHER run of these – they could easily sell 10X the product (and shut down the folks on eBay who bought up most of the stock and are selling it for 100 bucks and more!).  I think you developed one of the BEST smoky shadows ever, Lianne, as this can go from really smoky to very subtle and everything in between.  Amazing work!

  • Mariella99ca

    Neena, I got mine on Friday and have been wearing it non-stop ever sine.  You will LOVE it, I’m sure – I think this is one shadow that everyone can wear for just about every occasion because it is so blendable and versatile.