TMG Faves: Aveda Air Control Hairspray…

I am not a hairspray person at ALL.  I don’t like how it makes your hair feel crunchy or stiff BUT I love how it holds a style.  That being said, if i do like a hairspray it has to be one of the newer ones with flexible hold.  Rceently, I have been using Aveda Air Control and I am in love with it.  Here’s why……the hold is 100% flexible no crunch or stiffness whatsoever, it smells great (not that alcohol smell you  get from most hairsprays) AND the propellants used are environmentally friendly! AirControl TMG Faves:  Aveda Air Control Hairspray... The Rundown:

  • Breakthrough pine resin technology for hold
  • Dry delivery (won’t make hair wet when sprayed!)
  • Can be layered, depending upon your desired level of hold.
  • To add volume, direct spray at hair’s roots.

All of these add up to a great hairspray for me!!  I have also noticed that because of the earth friendly propellants, I don;t use as much so the can is lasting me way longer than traditional hairsprays. Style Pretty!!!

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    i love the rundowns, i would definitely try this.