TMG Faves: Eufora Urgent Repair Shampoo & Conditioner…

I am much more particular about what kind of shampoo/conditioner I put in my hair these days.  What do I meant by that exactly? Basically, I try to seek out products that are kinder and gentler to the environment and in turn, to my hair.  Honestly, ever since I have paid more attention to this, my hair has never been in better condition AND it has been GROWING like weeds as well.  Now, this isn’t to say that I ALWAYS use products that follow these rules…but I try.  On my radar now is one that I discovered when I was in San Diego this past August.  The line is called Eufora and when I tried some of the styling products at the dinner table (yes, I did this…LOL) I was hooked.  Later on, they were nice enough to send me my latest obsession Urgent Repair Shampoo & Conditioner.

Since I color my hair, I am always on the lookout for products that will help me keep that fresh fron the salon look longer….Eufora delivers 100%.  Their products are designed to protect, preserve and promote health of color treated and chemically serviced hair (so permed /relaxed girls are safe here as well!!).  I also envision this being fantastic for hair that is dry as well because it doesn’t dry out/strip your hair.  Eufora has used its unique blend of botanical extracts and Aloe Vera properties to design the most natural way to keep your hair looking beautiful. Most products use water as a base but Eufora has raised the performance standard by using certified organic Aloe Vera gel as their product base….super cool. The shampoo is minty….tingly and the lather is completely luxurious. The conditioner (also minty) is lightweight and moisturizing (And guess what?  You can use it on your skin to soothe and heal irritations!) All in all, a win/win situation for my hair which has never looked better.

You can find a salon near you that sells Eufora products by clicking here.

Stay Pretty!!

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