Must Have: Votre Vu On Holiday Moisturizing Spray Body Oil…

I have written here before about by unforgiving dry scaly alligator skin in the winter.  The inside of my black leggings looks like a snowstorm sometimes when I take them off!! (TMI I know, but I must share with you the magnitude of my problem.…LOL).  To that end, I am constantly looking for new ways to keep the skin on my body fully hydrated.  The combo that seems to work best is regular weekly exfoliation and some sort of heavy cream or oil.  After I visited We Care Spa back over the summer, I was introduced to detoxifying your skin by dry brushing it before you bathe. By doing so, you get a better detoxifying sweat in the sauna/steam room because all the dry skin has been eliminated!  So once a week, I brush all those dry flakies off my body before a bath/shower and the moisturizer seems to get deeper into my skin.

My latest obsession for my dry skin is Votre Vu On Holiday Spray Body Oil [$49].  This genius formula is concocted from an aromatic and therapeutic blend of grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, refined wheat germ oil and virgin jojoba oil.  I spray right after the shower or bath while my skin is still damp, feet, stomach, arms, legs, even on hard to reach places like my back.  Your skin will not feel greasy AND it gives you t he most beautiful sheen on your skin!

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  • Socialitedreams

    what do you use to do your dry brushing?

  • Jachicue

    Yeah, I’d like to know what you dry brush with.

  • Scarlettbuzz

    what do you use to do your dry brushing?