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I was So excited about trying this at home. I had a weave for most of last summer so I didn’t have to deal with the frizzies. But this year, now that I have my ombre hair color…my hair is drier than usual AND frizzy with all this humidity!  So I figured I would give this a whirl. Bumble + Bumble Concen-Straight Smoothing Treatment [$45] is an at home straightening treatment for unruly or frizzy hair.   According to the directions, you are supposed to shampoo your hair and use NO conditioner of any kind.  Now, right off the bat, this was a problem for me because my hair is fine and dry and I don’t think I have ever NOT used conditioner, but I rolled with it anyway.  Then you apply the product towel dried hair (if your hair is really long, you will probably need TWO bottles) and comb it through which I did. THEN let it sit for 30 minutes….THEN rinse then blow dry and flat iron. I let it sit for 30 min, rinsed then blow dried and flat ironed my hair.  I was hoping that it would be okay…..and you know what…it was better than okay.  Turns out, my hair is smooth as silk just like a keratin treatment!  Granted, my hair is FINE and wavy/curly so your results may differ from mine BUT…..

Here is my recommendation.  If your hair is fine/wavy/curly shoulder length or past  your shoulder or shorter…just do what I did and apply the product as directed, rinse for 10 min and blowdry with or without a brush, you do have to flat iron to set the product. If your hair is thicker and or LONGER you may want to get two bottles and follow the same directions.  The trick is, to make sure the hair is completely SATURATED with the product and comb it every 10 min.  I feel like some of the reviews I have read online that the people didn’t either make sure hair was saturated or that they didn’t use enough product. So maybe that should be an issue for Bumble + Bumble to resolve by providing more product??  Either way, at $45 this is a wonderful and affordable alternative to the keratin treatments I have spent $375 on. The box says it will last for approx 30 shampoos so if I time it right, I may only have to do this twice for the summer! Plus this has none of the dreaded formaldehyde that keratin does so you can rest assured the product is safe.

The Rundown:

  • Formulated with patent-pending Concen-straight Technology, which helps maintain hair’s natural integrity.
  • This formula smooths hair for manageability and frizz reduction for up to 30 shampoos.
  • Concen-straight was created to let you style your hair as straight as you like it.
  • Once you’ve given yourself the treatment, it’s up to you how straight you’d like to style your hair.
  • Flat irons render hair pin-straight, blow dryers create body and movement, curling irons create smooth shapes, while air drying reveals natural, more manageable texture.

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  • AngieS

    I once purchased an at-home keratin treatment – it was 2 envelopes ( a 2-step process…sorry I can’t remember the name) and the first envelope warned to let it dry on the hair completely and not to bend hair or basically move in any direction or my hair would break off. Fearing broken hair – bald spots or worse – I returned it and gave up on at-home-straigtening products.

    Does this product have the same type of warnings?  

  • Lianne

    I didn’t see any warning like that. All I did was add the product wet to my hair and rinse (no shampoo) IT DID SAY that after I flat ironed it, I couldn’t wet it, or use pony tail holders etc for 2 days but that’s the only warning.