Must Have: Steamcream 3-in-One Moisturizer…

The one thing that I love about companies that make only one item is that they usually do it REALLY well.  One such company is the UK based Steamcream [$18] which is now available in the USA.  They are the purveyors of the freshly handmade cream that uses high-quality, natural ingredients that are fused together by a shot of steam. This unique method makes the cream extremely lightweight, providing long-lasting hydration for the face.  The texture also makes it a perfect nourishing treat for your body and hands too. A multi-tasking miracle!  The cream is handmade in the UK and Japan with fresh, traceable ingredients. It’s super-moisturizing, sinks deep down instantly and revives your skin immediately for a dewy finish. The Steamcream concept was conceived by Andrew Gerrie, CEO of LUSH, and Andrew Tone, Director of LUSH Japan who both wanted to create one cream that uses high quality ingredients, is effective and is reasonably priced.

The cream is housed in beautiful, eco-friendly limited edition tins that you can re-purpose for storing things after you have finished the cream (I have some jewelry in one!)

The Rundown:

  • Unique STEAM process is used because it makes a naturally effective, lightweight emulsion that your skin can instantly absorb.
  • Most creams are made with complex molecules bound together by a powerful emulsifying process; the problem with this is that they just sit on the skin’s surface.
  • The force of the STEAM fuses the ingredients instantly – holding them together in a very gentle and loose emulsion.
  • By using such a simple process, we can invest in natural materials such as orange flower water, oatmeal and vegetable glycerine to hydrate your skin. Almond and jojoba oils, with moisturizing cocoa butter, soften the skin’s surface.

This cream would be amazing for normal to dry skin as a daily moisturizer, I have also used on my elbows and feet.  I mixed some with SPF last week and loved the results. The ingredients are also 100% natural (peep the list here)

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  • Socialitedreams

    those sound positively brilliant, i want some! yummy

  • Lianne Farbes


  • Vi.Be

    The cream is natural and the containers look really cool. Must Have!

  • Lianne

    The cream is amazing….really great that you can use it for more than one purpose! I have collected a few of the tins already too! 😉

  • Kristina

    Buying natural products is most essential for Makeup as well as skin care. thanks for blogging. May be we can try it in St Thomas Weddings ceremony.

  • Bhavana

    The products which is for makeup and beauty is looking great and valuable..But the problem is that it is available only in US..And i am from it is hard to purchase..Can you give me suggestion how to find this products…