TMG Faves: Sedu Revolution Pro 6000i Hair Dryer…

Hair dryer….schmair dryer.  They don’t make a difference – right??  WRONG.  I have never spent more than $40 on one and never thought I should spend more.  Until now…that is.  I have been successfully converted….I believe….I believe!! The Sedu Revolution Pro 6000i Hair Dryer is one of the BEST dryers I have used in a LONG time.  It has salon professional quality with a high-performance motor that increases speed and air volume for faster, more efficient drying time.  I dried my hair in HALF the time….literally took me 10-15 minutes AND thanks to Sedu’s renowned IONIC generator (there is a little switch you have to turn on), millions of IONs per use kept my hair SHINY and SOFT.  My hair was the straightest and smoothest it has EVER been styling it by myself at home.  I have always had to use a flat iron or curling iron to get it fully straight.  With this dryer, my hair is 100% smooth and straight before I even plug the iron in….so that equates to less heat on my hair!  Win/Win. PLUS the dryer which normally retails for $200 is on sale at for $159

Sedu Revolution 6000i dryer TMG Faves:  Sedu Revolution Pro 6000i Hair Dryer...

The Rundown:

  • Unique design and high output motor provides unrivaled power, airflow and temperature
  • Unique electric ionic on/off function that generates millions of negative ions
  • Unlike many dryers, the air immediately turns cooler with this button

Your hair will THANK YOU!  Available at , fine salons, and Bergdorf Goodman.

Stay Pretty!!

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  • Karen Martin

    I’ve never spent more than $40 on a hair dryer either, but you’ve sparked my interest with this one. Sounds like it may be worth splurging this time. A Christmas gift for myself perhaps?

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