Smell This: Summertime Staple – Kiehl’s Aromatic Blends…

In the summertime, I am looking for a fragrance that won’t be over powering yet still give me that happy lift I look for in most of the scents I wear. The latest from Kiehl’s, Aromatic Blends are light, summery and absolutely perfect for warmer weather.

The countryside of Provence, a Moroccan oasis, the jungles of Uganda, a tranquil Japanese gardens…just the suggestion of each of these places conjures an immediately spectacle of sight, sound, and scent.  And, it is to each of these places that Kiehl’s will send its customers, via their newest launch…Aromatic Blends.  This is a four-fragrance, three-product, scented body collection and sensorial journey.  Each of the four scent pairings takes you on a voyage to the source of Kiehl’s ingredients, and the fragrance’s inspiration…

Since it’s inception, Kiehl’s chemists have traveled the world in search of the most unique ingredients for its legendary products. Aromatic Blends represents the company’s authentic apothecary heritage of inspiring fragrance blends, utilizing sustainable sourcing methods, the finest natural ingredients, and the latest in science and technology for use in its formulations.

Fig Leaf Sage Range Smell This:  Summertime Staple   Kiehls Aromatic Blends...

 The Rundown:

  • Orange Flower & Lychee: a desert oasis in Morocco
  • Vanilla & Sandalwood: the dense jungle of Uganda
  • Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit: the tranquil gardens of Japan
  • Fig Leaf & Sage: the lush countryside of Provence

The Aromatic Blends family consists of Fragrance, Skin-Softening Cleanser, and Skin-Softening Lotion which is really nice because I love to layer fragrance all the time because it helps it to last longer.  Each scent (which is found in all three products) was formulated with 30% less ingredients than found in traditional fragrances, using higher proportions of each key ingredient, so the resulting scents reflect a truer rendition of the ingredients.  The cleanser and lotion are high-performance, so with use of the complete Aromatic Blends line, customers will receive continuous skin care benefits throughout the day.

I tried the Fig Leaf and Sage which I applied over an orange blossom fragrance oil I already had on….absolutely AMAZING.  These scents will most definitely smell different on everyone so try these out in the store and walk around….”live” with it for a while because it will change after the drydown.  I found that once that happened…the fragrance lasted a good long time…plus they smell more natural to me so they are absolutely perfect for summer when you don’t want anything heavy.

Aromatic Blands are available now on,

Smell Pretty!!

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  • Barb

    Just bought the fig today and love it. It is such a different smell…It was tough to decide, and they did not offer the little package of all four scents which I would have bought in a heartbeat. But I am loving this, especially the bergamot undertones.

  • Lianne

    YES!! The fig is amazing – but I just tried the vanilla/sandalwood one and that’s going to be great for fall!