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I love it when I find a line that is organic BUT it a true performer in the skin care department.  Michael Todd True Organics is one of those lines. Founded by Lewis Hendler (who also co-founded scunci by the way), he couldn’t find effective organically based solutions to his skin care needs. Through tireless research, he discovered that many products that represent themselves as “NATURAL” or “ORGANIC” actually contain harmful ingredients including parabens, sulfates and petrochemicals like mineral oil which suffocate the skin. So he started his own line instead.  Necessity is always the mother of invention 😉

With fans like Ellen DeGeneres – who stocks her green room with them….Michael Todd True Organics’ skincare products are made in the USA and nourish skin with certified organic ingredients like plants, fruits, and minerals, foregoing harmful parabens, sulfates, or synthetic dyes and fragrances. The anti-aging regimen quells insurgencies of fine lines, wrinkles, and skin discolorations and accelerates cellular turnover while repairing sun damage and boosting antioxidant protection, revealing skin as youthful as a kindergartner’s nostalgia. The acne-control regimen kills bacteria associated with acne, calms inflammation, hydrates the skin, and frees pores of uninvited guests, encouraging clear and balanced skin without the use of harsh chemicals. None of the products in the True Organics line use a cheap water base, opting instead for the ancient herbal remedy of aloe vera juice.

Now….there are a few products in this line that stand out to me but I am starting with the Michael Todd True Organics Intensive Cream Eye Treatment [$38].  This is a lightweight yet creamy, intensive treatment for the eye area.  It also comes with this awesome little massage applicator that is great for puffiness.  I even put mine in the fridge overnight and it felt amazing on my eyes in the AM.

The Rundown:

“90% organic eye care treatment utilizing a unique combination of Copper Peptide, Rhodiola Rosea Root and Antioxidants Roobois Tea, Acai and Vitamin E in a base of Aloe Vera Juice to combat the visible signs of aging of the delicate skin in the eye area.   “Copper Peptide” supports elastin and collagen production to help the skin in the eye area “bounce back” instead of sagging and wrinkling. “Rhodiola rosea” is an herb fairly new to the West with properties that work to combat  wrinkles. This yellow flowering plant grows in the northern regions of China, Tibet and Siberia in the mountains and high plains. Scientific studies have shown a variety of health benefits attributed to Rhodiola Rosea, including protection and enhancement of the skin.”

In a nutshell, it has many properties found in nature that can both soothe and support collagen production to the eye area.  Jojoba and Vitamin E soothe and moisturize as well.  The applicator takes a minute to get the hang of it BUT the cream itself is lightweight yet rich (which I prefer for anything around my eyes).  The line is also extremely affordable as well (you can get a combination skin set for $65).

You can find Michael Todd Tues Organics online at

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