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You all know I am a Drugstore Diva through and through right??  I am…I am….and I want YOU to come along with me as I peruse the aisles of one of the most INFAMOUS drugstores ever – City Pharma in Paris.  Both Julia & India told me about this place – but I honestly had NO IDEA until I was in it.  City Pharma is a virtual beauty mecca and it was PACKED to the gills on a Friday afternoon in the middle of the day (that should tell you something). The thing that sets this place apart is the prices and selection….they are FAR less expensive than any pharmacie and have the best variety of items in the city AND they know it.  They are packed all day long and guess what, it’s worth the crush of clamoring customers. Julia and I both bought an extra suitcase on the street to pack our purchases (crazy…I know).  Here are my top ten must have items…

  1. Bioderma Crealine H2O Ultra-Mild Non-Rinse Face and Eyes Cleanser [$23] I paid 15,90 euros for TWO 250 ML bottles This is one of the most AMAZING cleansers ever, this will take off everything with no pulling, tugging OR soap. All you need is a cotton pad and a few swipes gets everything (even mascara). Your skin will be refreshed with no tightness at all.
  2. Bioderma Créaline Dermatological Water 50ml [$3.72] I paid 1,99 euros This is a great refreshing spray for your skin (very very fine mist) perfect for refreshing makeup and/or waking up your complexion. Plus this mini size is great for the plane/travel.
  3. Biafine ACT [$37] I paid 3,99 Euros This is GREAT for burns, bumps, and scratches, helps with scars. I have used it on my feet too…just a great over all dry skin emulsion. The active ingredient in this cream is Trolamine the ingredient used to make salicylic acid – which makes this great for areas that need fast healing and/or exfoliation.
  4. Homeoplasmine Cream [$32] I paid 6,90 euros Just found out the name has changed to Cicadermine – this is great for lips (makeup artists use it the world over as a lip balm before they apply lip color), also great for dry nasal passages, chapped skin…you name it! I used this on my lips for the plane ride home but there are literally hundreds of uses for it if not more.
  5. Avibon Vitamin A Pomade Creme [$36] I paid 5.90 euros This balm has the consistency of vaseline EXCEPT it is practically pure vitamin A which by the way is a natural retinoid (about 1,000,000 units of it to be exact).  You can use this all over your face, around your eyes, on your forehead…any place you see lines or dark spots. You only need the smallest amount for it to be effective..maybe a pea size…warm it up in your clean hands and apply everywhere.  You will feel like you are looking greasy but just go with it.  This is the end all be all….even Gwyneth Paltrow uses it.
  6. Phyto – Phytophanere Hair & Nails Supplements [$36] (Regularly $50/bottle at Sephora) I got TWO 120 cap bottles for 23,90 euros (about $27) These are great for your hair and nails to strengthen and grow both FAST.
  7. Hei Poa Baume Monoi Tahiti 3.4 oz [$13.95] I paid 5,90 euros A solid balm you can use on your hair/scalp/skin (think solid shea butter) that smells of the lovely Tiare flower from Tahiti.
  8. Berocca Vitamin B Tablets (15 tablets) [$19.95] I got 30 for 7,90 euros Pure vitamin B (like getting a vitamin B SHOT with an extra dose of C and Zinc) great for supporting the immune system, irritability and energy.
  9. Gelee Royale Bio 1800 mg 10 ampules (not available in US) I got mine for 6,90 euros You know what the queen bee in the hive eats??  No not Lil Kim…REAL Queen Bees!  They eat Royal Jelly….the queen is the biggest and the strongest bee.  These are ampoules (liquid always absorbs faster into your system) you can drop this in your coffee or juice as well. Take this so you can be a big strong queen bee.
  10. Photo Specific Vital Force Cream Bath [$34] I got mine for 14,50 euros I was first introduced to this at by the infamous Ted Gibson salon.  This is great for curly/frizzy or relaxed hair but it works equally as well on thick straight hair that is dry.  Key word here is dry or color treated. My hair loves it and if you put a hot towel on your head it’s like a steam bath for your hair.

Also, if you can…you should always pick up ANYTHING Embryolisse (I’m already stocked up so I didn’t need to get anything this time around).  They are sold in the US now but it is infinitely less expensive in Paris.

When you are done shopping, walk down the street and have a cafe creme while you admire all of your money saving purchases.  Boom.

What do you think of my top ten?  Have you been to Paris?  Do you have any good drugstore/Pharmacie stories?  Share in the comments…

Shop Pretty!!

City Pharma
Address: 26 Rue du Four, 75006 Paris, France
Phone: 01 46 33 20 81
Hours:  M – F 8:30 AM – 8 PM, Sat 9 AM – 8PM, Sun CLOSED


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    I need to book my flight right now! Going to the Pharmacy always gives me something great to look forward to!

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    You really should….I found so many things and I seriously should have gotten more…that’s okay though I’m going back as soon as I can LOL