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Hello my beauties!!  If you follow me on twitter, you know that I went on the most amazing trip to Paris a few weeks ago planned and executed by my friend beauty, travel and lifestyle maven Julia Coney.  If I could say ONE THING about Julia is that she definitely knows her way around an airport, so having a tour planned by her you know you are getting 100% out of your stay.

Walkway to our townhouse

The day we arrived in Paris, our fearless leader had a loose itinerary that we were to follow.  There was a “Beauty Day”, a “Culture Day”, a “Shopping Day” and there was plenty of time in-between to discover things on your own…perfectly planned if you ask me. On the first day we went to Monoprix (like a Parisian Target complete with fresh groceries…I was in LOVE) and got some food for the house and a few bottles of wine (yes, we were in Paris after all, right??) then we went up the street to a brasserie to get something to eat. As everyone arrived, the bottles of wine magically opened and although many of us knew each other, not all of us were acquainted with everyone so we chilled.  Julia and I cooked dinner for everyone (which we love to do LOL) and we just stayed in that night.

Amy snapped this pic of me on restaurant row in Paris…

Outdoor cafe complete with heated forward facing seats so you can people watch…

The Beauty day started with a trip for some to Orlane for facials and to Leonor Greyl for hair services (more on that later…my hair was the softest it has been in a while) and then we went off on our own  in smaller groups which was nice because we really felt like we were residents of the city.  I was armed with my google translate and hop stop apps so I was set! Later that day we went to Jean Patou for a presentation with the mater perfumer Thomas Fontaine which was a treat just to see all of the history of the brand (more on that later too!!) I also went BatShitBeauty in the City Pharma.  I got SO MANY things that are unavailable in the US….(don’t worry, I’ll outline everything I purchased in another post).Outdoor cafe complete with heaters so you stay warm while you lunch and people watch.

Amy, Lianne and Erika at Le Petit Poucette Cafe

The culture day and shopping days ended up with people being split on what they wanted to do…so some of us hit the museums and some of us shopped and vice versa over the next two days.  We went to the Louvre, Musee D’Orsay AND to the french flea market which was CRAZY but really cool.

Group shot:  Carmen, Amy, Lianne, Rosie and Julia Too in the metro station near our house

I shopped, I ate, I had a blast, and I bonded with some truly funny and amazing women!  I LOOVE the brasseries and the cafes where you face outward so you can people watch!  Julia really put together a stellar group. OH and another thing you also may know from my tweets that I was STRANDED in Europe because of hurricane Sandy!  Paris Beauty 2012, quickly turned into Paris/Munich/London beauty as many of us tried to navigate our way home! Carmen (Lipstick Fashion Mascara), Amy (Midtown Girl), Erika (Makeup Bag), Monica(Blueprint for Style), Xina, another Julia, Rosie and I arrived home to our flat the day before we were all suposed to depart to emails and messages that there was a storm coming….some of us had flights that were already canceled and some of us were trying to reschedule to try and avoid the storm all together. Julia was a beacon in the storm providing assistance to everyone and helping to calm everyone down. The mark of a true professional. Some of us stayed in Paris, some of us had to go to London (by way of Munich) in order to get home.  We all eventually got home though!

Now….If you are interested in going on your OWN Paris Beauty Tour, you can contact Julia directly as she is putting together next year’s adventure as we speak.  She is also doing other cities as well and guess what?  ANYONE can go, that’s right this wasn’t a press trip…it was a ME trip.  I went because I wanted to and I am SO GLAD THAT I DID.  You should always do things like this for yourself – take a year and save up…but just do it. You won’t regret it.

Travel Pretty!!

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