Paris Beauty: My Visit to Leonor Greyl Spa in Paris….

Back at the end of October, I had the distinct pleasure of visiting the city of lights.  My trip to Paris was amazing AND I even got to shop for some one of a kind beauty products while I was there!  One of the HIGHLIGHTS was getting a treatment at the beyond FABULOUS Leonor Greyl Spa.  From the moment I arrived to the moment I left, I was pampered.

The morning started off with a yummy cafe creme with a croissant, and I went straight to the back room for my treatment.  I met my technician who spoke little English but I had my Google translate and I was able to communicate with her!  I had a massage mechanique on my scalp which improved circulation.  The first one was with a suction cup device and the second one was with a larger vibrating device.  I nearly fell asleep it was so relaxing! She then proceeded to wash my hair and condition it within an inch of it’s life!  After that, I got a nice blowout where the stylist used only brushes (no irons) and gave me a bouncy/wavy do.  I always think that if you are really good at blowdrying, you shouldn’t have to use an iron afterwards (it’s true!!)

Leonor Hero Paris Beauty:  My Visit to Leonor Greyl Spa in Paris....

Some of the treatments used on my hair were ones I have used before and one is a new favorite (Serum de Soie!!)

The Rundown

Leonor Greyl Huile de Magnolia Oil Delicate scent of the magnolia blossom will prevent dry skin. As a result, your skin remains satiny smooth, soft and pleasant to the touch. This oil is ideal for massage and after waxing, she also used this in my hair as a scalp treatment.

Creme Aux Fleurs State of the art washing cream for very dry and damaged hair.  It’s ideal to use immediately after color treatments. As a result, the color sets in and the scalp’s sensitivity is neutralized.

Lait Luminescence A leave-in, de-tangling styling product with exceptional smoothing properties.  It nourishes, aids the styling of the most difficult hair and enhances luminosity for the hair lacking shine. This product is full of plant extracts, vegetal oils, and, of course, formulated without silicone. Has UV/UB protection.

Serum De Soie Sublimateur Daily-use styling serum for all hair types.  This nourishing product is perfect for bringing out the true beauty of your hair, especially thin hair. This gave my hair shine and volume.

My hair was the softest it has been in a while and they had people from all walks of life with different textures of hair peppered throughout the space.  They could handle pretty much any hair type which was nice to see. PLUS I got to meet THE Leonor Greyl!  She is 84 years young, can you believe???? Such a treat to meet her and to be in the salon.

Now, make no mistake these items are definitely on the pricey side but if you use them sparingly, you can get a good run out of them.  Obviously, if you are ever in Paris you must pay them a visit…

Leonor Greyl
15 Rue Tronchet
75008 Paris, France
01 42 65 32 26

Stay Pretty!!

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