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There are many products out on the market that make magical claims such as less wrinkles in 30 days or clearer skin in a week. That’s all lovely but do these products really work, especially when you see how much they cost? I can’t lie dear readers…I am a beauty junkie.  I swoon every time I hear the words Dior uttered out of someones mouth or start looking for my credit card when I bypass the Lancôme counter. Yet realistically purchasing these top of the line products is not as affordable for this beauty lovers pocket.  Like many of you, I believe in bargain hunting…even for skincare and makeup.  For my foundation I use both Bobbi Brown liquid foundation for less humid days and Bare Minerals Press Powder Foundation during the spring and summer months. However when I need a quick fix between trips to the Bloomingdale’s makeup counter I love to use Cover Girl Foundation.

CoverGirlFoundations Drugstore Diva: Quality for Less   Cover Girl Makeup...

*Makeup hint test colors of foundations on the back of your wrist instead of your hand to get a more accurate color.

The drugstore makeup phenomenon provides a flawless coverage for different skin tones. Best part? The foundation retails for less than 20 dollars, over a 60 percent savings compared to its department store counterparts. There are several different formulas to choose from and the makeup only requires about a quarter sized amount.  Anything more than that it starts to look a little cakey and drag queen inspired…we don’t like that. Next time you venturing to CVS to pickup your favorite copy of Vogue, stop by the makeup counter to check out the selection. You may not find a well groomed makeup artist to advise you on the hottest color palette for spring, but you have  me;  and with the money you will save those shoes you were in love with just might find a new home.


Makeup is Fashion,

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