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Do you watch the Food Network?  I do, it’s where I get all my recipes (aside from the family recipe box!)  Recently, I had a chance to chat with Giada DeLaurentiis host of the shows Giada at Home and the Next Food Network Star about her latest gig – spokesperson for Clairol Natural Instincts Haircolor! I’m sure you have seen the commercials but suffice to say – the hair color is what she calls one of her “healthy indulgences”.  I used the color last weekend and I LOVE how shiny my hair is! It looks GREAT over my ombre and toned it down just a bit for fall.

Giada After Photo 1

Giada was SUPER sweet on the phone and totally fun to talk to!  Here is our exchange….

Giada:  Hi Lianne!!!

TMG:  Hi Giada!  I’m so excited to speak with you because I am a HUGE fan.  I’ve been watching you on The Food Network now ever since you started….back before you were comfortable on camera!!

Giada:  Oh NO!!!!  I hope they burn those episodes (laughs) It did take me some time to get up to speed on that….it’s a process.

TMG:  I loved it all the same! Because the recipes are FANTASTIC….they are my go-to’s.

Giada:   Thank you!!!

TMG:  So let’s talk about this new gig with Clairol…how did this come about?

Giada:  I was really interested in working with Clairol because they are affordable…which is something that I look for in any product that I endorse.  Even my partnership with Target…all of the items are affordable and that is really important to me.  Plus Clairol is a great company and they are all about creating a positive self image – so that you love what you see in the mirror.  When I first used the product my hair was shiny and glossy and I love that.

TMG:  So how has using Natural Instincts saved you time and what do you like most about it?

Giada:  Initially I did have reservations….but because it’s not permanent and there is no ammonia…I went with it.  It just made my hair look amazing, and it gradually fades after a while so it doesn’t alter the actual shade of your hair, just enhances it.  My hair is nice and glossy, the grays are filled in and it’s a great way to refresh your hair between highlights which a get a couple times a year.  I love how easy it is to apply, it’s like putting on a gloss that you would get at a salon.

TMG:  What color do you use?

Giada:  Navajo Bronze –  I love it!

TMG:  Have you always been into beauty?

Giada:  YES!  I have had a beauty regimen since I was probably 12 years old.  My grandmother was an actress and she was one of those women that went to bed and woke up looking the same way.  She was glamorous and ALWAYS done. I have always been a girlie girl too and I always use sunscreen which is very important to me as I lost my brother to skin cancer.

TMG:  Does your daughter Jade play in your makeup?

Giada:  (Laughing) she  has her own SALON in her playroom.  She loves to play dress up and paint her nails too.

TMG:  Okay now the biggest thing that everyone wanted me to ask is what color do you wear on your nails when you are taping the show?

Giada:  When I am taping it’s Essie Ballet Slipper but I like to do fun nail art when I have time off.

TMG:  What is your easy, no-fuss hair look for everyday?

Giada:  Definitely a top knot or a low ponytail.

TMG:  What are some of your favorite beauty brands?

Giada:  Chanticalle, CoverGirl (I love that new mascara!), Jouer.  When I’m not working, I’m basically mascara, lipgloss and out the door.

TMG:  What’s next for you??

Giada:  I just got back from some travel that will probably inspire some new recipes.  I’m taping the new season of Next Food network Star soon too!

TMG:  Thank you Giada, it was an absolute pleasure!

Giada:  Your welcome Lianne!  You were really fun to talk to!


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