Men’s Perspective: Mario Badescu Fruit and Vitamin Hand Cream

Packed with the letters A & D (Vitamins) and enough AHA and salicylic acid to soften and revitalize the driest winter hands, this is the real deal. I say this as someone who has extremely dry hands and I have tried most things under the sun, including some not so great concoctions of my own design.  Keyword mayonnaise – that was NOT a good day! Needless to say, I left the kitchen feeling hungrier than when I came in.


Enough with food let’s talk Mario Badescu. After about a month of continuous use the Mario Badescu Fruit and Vitamin Hand Cream [4oz $10] has left me in a better place than when I started. The biggest selling point for me is that along with the benefits of vitamins and fruit extracts to revitalize, it has sunscreen (SPF 10) built in to keep hands looking and feeling youthful. Another benefit I wanted to point out is that it goes on and you don’t have this greasy feeling that maybe you might have just slathered oil all over your hands. A little dab on the hands will do you, and make sure to work it into your skin for maximum penetration. A little secret, well not really…. I find that I like to use this cream directly after washing my hands. Something about how the water reacts with the cream, it just gives my hands a good feeling. That and I know my hands are clean… I’m just sayin’.

Mario Badescu Hand Cream is a hand saver and sure to be a lotion that you will find yourself picking up time and time both for its benefits and rejuvenating effects.


The Rundown:

  • Formulated with vitamin A & D oil to promote healthy skin
  • Orange Extract and Salicylic Acid to rejuvenate dull Skin
  • SPF 10 to protect hands from the effects of sun damage (Apply before sun exposure for maximum benefit)
  • non-greasy


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