Smell This: Bond No. 9 Fragrance Favorites…

Bond No. 9 New York makes such beautiful fragrances.  From the bottles to the way they embody all that is New York.   I fell in love with Bleecker Street a while back, and it’s been ON ever since. The ones I want to talk about today are some of my favorites like Fire Island (which I am wearing today) and New Haarlem which I wore all day yesterday.  What I love about these fragrances is that they take risks. They are not your usual blends. Some are actually unisex and made to be worn by men and women. The scents are really big (that is the only way I can think of to describe them!) They smell larger than life and last for what seems like forever.

I snapped this pic in the Bond No. 9 Boutique in SoHo

What does it, is the way the fragrances are made. They use 18-22 percent concentrations of eau de parfum….fragrances have not been made that way since the 1920’s and 1930’s people! So the end result is a bit pricier BUT totally worth it. The fragrance is also sold by the ounce ($40-$45) and you can pick your own bottle (this is only done at the Bond No. 9 store) which brings familiarity to the whole process….who wouldn’t want to pick out their own perfume bottle?? I need to get to NYC and FAST.

Fire Island has Cardamom, and ozone as top notes along with neroli, white musk, skin musk, tuberose and patchouli (which I normally cannot STAND…but in this blend it’s AMAZING!!)

New Haarlem has Lavender, Bergamot and Green Leaves as the top notes along with coffee, cedarwood, amber, vanilla, tonka and patchouli (again…smells great here)

Both of these scents are touted as being unisex and I understand that may not be for everyone…but take some risks ladies! Women shouldn’t smell like a bunch of flowers all the time. I have been wearing Geurlain’s Imperiale and Dior’s Eau Sauvage (which are BOTH men’s fragrances) for years.

At any rate, as you know…I like to try before I buy. So I suggest the Mini BonBon Box, a collection of 9 scents in a lovely gift box that are Travel-sized .20 ml. pocket sprays. Each one wrapped like candies in signature foil…PLUS the bottles are refillable. How great is that?????

You can snag your own Bond No. 9 scent by visiting the boutique in NYC, the website, Sephora or Saks.

Smell pretty!!!

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