TMG Style: Kao Pao Shu Bags – Stop & Stare…

Kao Pao Shu is the brainchild of Naida Begeta a fashion visionary and creator of the stunning brand that is taking the industry by storm. Since the brand’s inception in 2006, Naida has won numerous awards in her native Sarajevo and abroad. Her acclaim has garnered an audience here in the US and worldwide for her unorthodox designs which are more like architecture than your run of the mill bags you normally see.

Kao Pao Shu Bags

Let me start by saying that I have had more than just a few envious stares running around town, especially from the Louis Vuitton and Michael Kors crowd. All I can say is, “It’s rough when you’re just BASIC!”  Not that there is anything wrong with those brands but in a market that is saturated with the latter, KPS sets the tone for those who want to stand apart from the rest.


It was the early morning rush on the metro and the train was  full of the weary morning DC crowd.  I kid you not, it was less than five minutes before glances were homing in on the wearable art slung across my back. Kau Pao Sho  bags are definitely for the fashion savvy and individualist alike. Take it from me, all eyes will be savoring every opportunity to look your way.


Me with my Rainbow Kao Pao Shu Messenger


Same Rainbow Kao Pao Shu Messenger from the back

So what’s all the hype about?? For starters, beautifully crafted bags full of deep shades with complimenting colors.  I was equally impressed by the trademarked “Ribbon” design that is used in every bag to form the unique abstract designs the brand is known for.  With that being said, you can be sure that your KPS bag will be functional as well as a fashion staple for years to come.  My overall impression of the brand is that designer Naida Begeta has her finger on the pulse. She has managed to create a product that is both classic and avant-garde and sure to be more than just another bag in the closet!

In addition to bags Kao Pao Shu offers accessories and a clothing line which are equally innovated both in design and function. You can find these one of a kind bags online or find a retailer near you by clicking here.  If you happen to be in L.A. there is a sample sale going on TODAY and Saturday from 10 to 8pm 70% off!!! I’m sad I can’t be there but you should go get one!!


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