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One thing that you should know about Patti Pao, creator and founder of the skincare line Restorsea.  She is ridiculously smart.  She is also a person that prides herself in paying attention to the details.  When she graduated college she went to Harvard Business School then found herself a job in product development…right away. She then found herself working at Avon and being a guinea pig for the R & D Department because she has very reactive skin.  Avon said, “Thanks so much for helping us Patti, what can we do for you?”  Patti said, “I want to make the best skincare ever.”  With those cathartic words, hard work, some ingenuity and a few introductions along  the way, Patti has done just that several times over.  In addition to Avon, she has created over 400 beauty products for other brands including Peter Thomas Roth, Guerlain and Elizabeth Arden as well as advising on China’s luxury market.  Patti is the kind of person who just figures things out and makes them happen.


I asked Patti a few questions about her inspirations and her life (I felt like I could have talked to her FOREVER too, she even tried to interview me!!) here’s what went down…

What is your inspiration? My dad.  He is an entrepreneur and taught me not to be afraid and pursue my passions.  He also instilled a tough work ethic and for me to invest in my education.  I had a job right after  my undergrad but he forced me go to Harvard Business School when I was 20 years old.

How did the whole Salmon Enzyme for Restorsea come about? Well, I’ll tell you,  I don’t like to hike and I’m not in particularly great shape but what am I supposed to do?  Tell the people that are hosting me on this trip that I don’t want to go on this crazy hike?  So we are driving up this hill and we pass by a salmon hatchery.  The driver says, “Oh Patti you should really check that place out…it’s really fascinating.”  Immediately I said, “Do they offer tours?” and just like that I was off the hike but onto so much more!

Okay then what happened? How did you get from baby salmon to your end game?  Did you even know what that was at that point?  No, I didn’t.  What I did know was that I kept noticing all the workers hands that were in water all day looked like a teenager ‘s and they had much older looking faces. So of course I began to investigate.  I found out that when baby salmon are born, they release the enzyme which dissolves the egg shell without harming them (no salmon are harmed in the making of Restorsea either). The enzyme then automatically turns itself off like a switch, enabling the baby salmon to swim away unharmed. Most enzymes just eat skin cells, this enzyme is unique because it only digests dead skin cells, allowing the living skin cells to flourish. And when it is finished digesting the dead skin cells, it turns itself off. The workers’ regular exposure to this enzyme is what made their skin look much younger.

What makes Restorsea’s Vibransea™ complex different than other enzymes? Restorsea provides the same benefits as glycolic acid but without the side effects of glycolic acid or Retin-A which means it is great for anyone that has sensitivity.  The glycolic acid enzyme works by digesting living and dead skin cells and continues to eat and eat until there is nothing left. This is why prolonged use of enzymes such as glycolic acid results in side effects such as thinning skin, red flaking and peeling skin that is sensitive to light. You will get none of that with Restorsea.

Then what did you do? How did you make it happen?  I secured the global rights and went to work.  I found some old colleagues that were willing to help me do test batches and we started with a day cream. I then gave the product to business associates to give to their wives and have them use it twice a day.  That’s what did it!  We gathered our clinical trials and had a meeting with Bergdorf Goodman.  They thought I was crazy because all I had what the day cream and not a FULL line.  Ultimately, they loved it and told me to come back when I was ready.


The fruits of her labor are at the heart of the Restorsea line.  You can read more about their science here but here are a few stats.

Restorsea tested its Rejuvenating Day Cream and Revitalizing Eye Cream on 40 women between the ages of 33-60 under the supervision of a dermatologist and ophthalmologist. Each woman used the products twice a day, AM/PM for 12 weeks. Study results are reported below and in the BEFORE and AFTER photo gallery.

  • 88% of women reported that their skin felt smoother and softer
  • 88% of women reported their skin felt perfectly hydrated
  • 76% saw an overall improvement in their skin’s appearance
  • 76% saw an improvement in skin firmness and elasticity
  • 70% saw more even skin tone
  • 75% saw more vibrant, radiant and luminous skin
  • 78% of women saw a reduction of crow’s feet in the eye area
  • 73% of women saw a reduction in the appearance of puffy eyes

The proof is really in trying it.  I told you that I completely used up my sample of the day cream and that is the TRUTH.  Swing by Bergdorf Goodman if you re in NYC and ask for a sample, you will be hooked too!  I want to thank Patti for her time, and you will be hearing more about other items from the line for me in the coming weeks.

Stay Pretty!!

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