TMG Style: Macy’s Spring Essentials 2013 with Daisy Lewellyn…

Fashion was in full gear at Metro Center in Washington, DC on Thursday March 28, 2013. In partnership with DC’s  Capitol File Magazine, Macy’s was home to the Spring Essentials runway show hosted by author and TV personality Daisy Lewellyn.

Macys Spring Essentials 2013

The event highlighted the five “Must have” trends of the season that every woman needs to incorporate into her closet. Without further adieu lets jump right in:

  • Printed pants – Ladies and gents get ready because the printed pant is heading to shores and shelves near you. Not for the faint of heart the printed pant is all over the place for the season. Let me say that the key to printed anything is to allow the “Print” to be the “Accessory.” For example a Michael Kors printed trouser paired off with a well coordinated blouse or cute knit. Try to match your top with the dominating color in the printed pants. The name of the game is to allow the eyes an opportunity to concentrate on one thing at a time. There are exceptions to every rule but you need to know what you are doing. You could end up looking like a printed mess… I’m just sayin’!
  • Peplums – Personally I did not see this one coming, I thought we had left peplums in the closet but every past trend makes its way back around. So what is so great about a peplum? For starters it gives the illusion of shape and curve for women who need a little more. On the other side of the coin for women who are full-figured it takes the attention away from your midsection while highlighting your curves. Basically the peplum is a nice “Nip tuck” and historically speaking was used as a means to draw attention to a tiny waist or flatter an hourglass figure. The key to this trend is not to fall back into the 80’s version of the peplum which meant rows and rows of ruffles. NOT! A single ruffle will do you good.
  • Dresses – I would certainly hope so?? The dress is a fashion mainstay in most every woman’s closet, so make sure to break out yours this season!  Be certain to head down to Macy’s to update last season’s frocks for something more in fashion with 2013 style.
  • The Pullover – What a great way to be easy breezy BEAUTIFUL (I know what you were thinking, LOL) and doing it on a budget might I add.  Why pullovers? Why not… Not only is a pullover easy to “Throw and go,” if you coordinate it with a belt you have another look all together.
  • Lace – I can only say S E X Y! Seriously, this is a trend that every Hollywood insider knows is HAUT! (I know how to spell) and is on fire on major runways at Macy’s and well; everywhere. Lace is a must have that you will find on everything for Spring/Summer 2013 from dresses to tops right down to shoes.  

Okay folks there you go. The Spring Essentials as told by Ms. Lewellyn herself. Any of you have any great pics you would like to SHARE with us at TMG highlighting these trends? We would love to see them! Ciao…

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