Beauty Throwback: Nana’s Secrets…

My Nana was a virtual plethora of beauty secrets.  Some of the best tricks that I ever learned were from her.  Nana was glamorous and feisty!  She was my cool grandmother that wore studded jean jackets, platform heels and drove a Camaro with a 350 engine (do you know what that is??!)  She also knew a WHOLE lot about beauty.

Lianne - Nana

Her secrets were legendary…and my sister and I drank it all up.  She taught me how to drive – with the CAMARO (which she let me paint RED by the way) in the parking lot of Central Hardware on Sundays when they were closed.

She taught me that life was about making your own way and making sure that you were happy first before others.  She taught me that no one else can help you until you first help yourself.  She also taught me some of my first beauty routines…

  1. Wash your face every night
  2. Rub lemons on your elbows and knees to get rid of darkness (fruit acid…yeaaah!)
  3. Once a week, give yourself a hot oil treatment with olive oil or coconut oil
  4. Use a peel off mask (gets rid of dead skin cells)
  5. Moisturize…moisturize…moisturize
  6. Rinse your hair with cold water to seal in the shine and close the cuticle
  7. Rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar (boosts shine)
  8. Slather your feet with Vaseline or Eucerin and wear socks to bed for soft feet (works for hands too)
  9. Put Vaseline on your eyebrows and eyelashes at night (keeps them groomed and conditioned)
  10. Put a little baby oil in your bath or scented oil for extreme moisturizing

Enjoy these beauty secrets from a true pro… My Nana.

Stay Pretty!

About Lianne Farbes

Lianne Farbes is the Publisher and Editor In Chief of TheMakeupGirl. She is a Beauty Expert with over 20 years of experience working with makeup and skincare and has held every retail beauty position from sales girl to counter manager. She has made a living as a professional makeup artist and continues to spread her beauty knowledge through seminars and speaking engagements throughout the US. You can follow Lianne on twitter at @LianneFarbes or beauty related tweets at @TheMakeupgirl Follow us on Instagram at @MakeupGirlBlog for swatches and other cool pics too! You can also visit me on Google+

  • afrobella

    Your Nana is gorgeous! She sounds like my kind of lady. Love the handed down beauty tips, those are the best! I have been using Vaseline on my brows and lashes at night for years now.

  • Nichelle

    Awww.. look how pretty your Nana is!

    I swear, lemons and Vaseline will never go out of style. Some things just work!

  • Bravadora

    I also had a Nana. She was a wonderful grandmother, and like yours, she was beautiful and a true lady. She was responsible for sparking my interest in makeup and beauty. Some of my early memories are watching her get beautiful in the mirror. She took great care in her beauty routine…Reading about your Nana brings back all my great memories. Thank you!

  • Julia

    Girlfriend, you make me miss my Mama Dear like no one else. What a beautiful tribute to all the “Nanas” of the world. Where would we be without them. I’m a junkie because of her.

  • LisaC

    You look just like her…beautiful!

  • Wake Up for Makeup

    Love old school beauty tips like these! I’ve been experimenting with taking makeup off with Pond’s Cold Cream since my grandma always used that. It’s full of mineral oil, but hey, when in Rome.

  • Joanna

    Thank you so much for sharing your Nana’s beauty secrets. I can definitely put into practice some of which I knew not of. Great post xx

  • Lianne

    If it doesn’t break you out – then go for it! LOL

  • Lianne

    Your welcome – glad to help!! :-)