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I was helping a dear friend with a move recently and I was in the throws of my monthly experience (we all know what THAT feels like!)  While we were packing up boxes and folding clothes…..I felt it.  A pimple actually pushed its way to the surface.  You have all felt ones like this before and I was trying in vain not to touch it.  I was counting the seconds until I could get back home to my glycolic acid.  Avin says to me, “Oh I have that stuff, remember I used it on the boyfriend for that thing?” I remembered that she had told me this and said okay why not.

iS Clinical Active Serum

So Avin whips out this gorgeous blue bottle and applies this serum (one drop mind you) to my poor little face, and says, “Okay that’s it – now don’t touch it.”  It felt tingly but it didn’t burn which was nice.  I wanted to touch it but luckily for me we had started drinking and touch it, I didn’t.  In fact…I forgot all about this raging volcano of bacteria on my face and in the morning when I awoke – IT WAS GONE.  I mean GONE.  Not a trace…no spot no dark mark NOTHING.  I was on the phone IMMEDIATELY asking her ‘WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT STUFF??????”  Now Avin sees a dermatologist and told me that it was available there or online. Now this stuff is pricey but I am willing to spend that kind of money if I am only using it drop by drop – ESPECIALLY if it makes the little buggers go away overnight.  Who knows….it may have been gone in an hour (I told you … I was drinking…lol) All I know is that I must have it in my life.  The great thing about this stuff is that it doesn’t dry out your skin!  Whenever I use my glycolic acid I KNOW IN ADVANCE that I should expect to see a dry patch where it was applied…not so with this product.  I know you are all on the edge of your seats…Tell us Lianne!!! Okay okay………

The name of the line is IS Clinical and the product is called Active Serum [$120]. When looking at their website, it seems that not only is this serum good for acne (and not just the one a month kind of pimple) but it is also anti-aging, smoothing and lightening….

They say…

ACTIVE SERUM is widely endorsed by leading physicians and experts, who describe ACTIVE SERUM as “remarkable,” “amazing,” “miraculous,” and “one of the most important discoveries in the field of skincare.” ACTIVE SERUM begins working immediately upon application, as demonstrated by an “active” tingling sensation. This phenomenal formula absorbs deep within the dermal layers where maximum benefits will be achieved. Extremely sophisticated formulation technology enables ACTIVE SERUM to precisely affect the skin cells themselves, truly providing results on a cellular level.”

Another great selling point for this is that it works for wrinkles too. Although if you are at all sensitive I would be careful and do a patch test for this. I however, would pour this all over my body if somebody told me it would work wonders….matter of fact – does it come in a value size?  You can get Active Serum online or at selected dermatologists.

Stay Pretty!

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  • Allirendayspa

    iS Clinical is amazing.  I use their entire line and it does what it says it will do.  Pricey yes but WORTH IT