Fashion Week: Backstage at Alon Livne SS 2014

Back to the future, back to the eighties for Israeli born Alon Livne and his debut at NYFW. The collection fused impeccable tailoring with splashes of neon colors in fuchsia, luscious shades of deep purple and pastel baby blues. When asked about his inspiration Livne said, “The inspiration was 80’s and 90’s but in a futuristic way – A little bit science fiction.”  Makeup and hair was equally stunning with Nick Irwin from TIGI on hair, Rogelio Reyna for Bobbi Brown on makeup and China Glaze on nails.

Fashion Week: Backstage at Alon Livne SS 2014

The Rundown:


On tap for hair was Global Director for TIGI Nick Irwin who created a look that was both versatile and harmonious to the theme of the collection. Braided corn-rows were front and center which added edginess to the drama of the futuristic forms worn by the models. To get the look Irwin prepped the hair with TIGI Sleek Mystique Fast Fix Style Prep [$15] to condition and shine with the added benefit of eliminating frizz. He then sectioned the hair into five even sections which started at the hairline extending back towards the neck. To add hold and control fly-aways Nick used TIGI Session Series True Wax [$5]. With the head completely braided he secured the ends of the individual braids with clear elastic bands and used TIGI Your Highness Weightless Shine Spray  [$16] to add a luminous shine. Lastly Nick gathered the tails ends and twisted them into a ballet bun and secured the hair with pins at the nape of the neck. To set the look he used TIGI Sleek Mystique Look Lock Hairspray [$17].  To add a little DRAMA to the final look paint the scalp with white eye shadow to make the scalp stand out and POP.

Fashion Week: Backstage at Alon Livne SS 2014


Lead Makeup Artist Rogelio Reyna for Bobbi Brown created a SPA-ESQUE look that was fresh and allowed the natural beauty of the models to take front and center. That being said he intentionally kept the palette on the face in the NUDE to allow the clothes to take FRONT AND CENTER. Less is more.

  1. Begin by applying a primer to the face, a key role in this look. (This moisturizes, brightens skin and takes down darkness).
  2. Next apply a thin layer of Bobbi’s Three-In-One tinted moisturizer to the face and lips. (Lightweight and perfect for the spring,  comes in 9 shades and 8 hr. wear).
  3. Next, use a brightening nude to cheeks and eyes, as a finishing powder. (For the woman that doesn’t want an opaque look.)
  4. The most important, lightly apply the iconic Shimmer brick in Rose Gold to the cheek bones and lower lid,  just as a wash of color. (It’s used just to highlight the natural features).
  5. Lastly use the clear brow gel for the eyebrows to give them a smooth look, and also to lashes.

Again, face should look luminous, glowing and clean with the lips muted and cheek bones highlighted!

Fashion Week: Backstage at Alon Livne SS 2014


For nails manicurist with China Glaze selected Inner Beauty [$6] on the models fingers, a core nude shade that provided a clean almost lineless look. The final look was finished with a coat of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat [$8]. When asked about his inspiration for nails Livne said, “… I wanted to extend the fingers in the same way I created extensions of the body line with my amorphous curves in the collection. My idea was to almost erase the look of the nail, keeping a nude, neutral finger that would give an ambiguous effect and beg the question if the model was human or alien.


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