New Year: Clean Makeup + Clean Up + Clean OUT.

New Year CLEAN MAKEUP! Does anyone feel any different???  I don’t…LOL.  But that is what the new year is all about…inviting change.  Get out there and try new things…and that not only means with your body and mind (I know you all have resolutions…we all do!) but it also means cleaning up, cleaning out and sweeping out that makeup drawer.  I know you all have one…a drawer full of makeup that you hardly ever use.  It may be a scary color that someone at the MAC counter talked you into that you wore once, or a lipstick that you think is too dark.  It’s not doing anyone any good in a drawer!

Clean Out Your Beauty Drawers

Get rid of old makeup, old self tanners, old lipsticks.  Just do it!  If they have expired – throw them out if, if not and you are haven’t worn them in 1 year- 18 months, donate them to a friend or little sister (dip the lipstick in rubbing alcohol first then slice off 1/4 inch, for shadows and blushes take a tissue and wipe off the top layer..please don’t share mascaras just throw those out).  If you have a lot of MAC do the Back to MAC thing  (you can get a free lipstick for every 6 empties you recycle!! All Viva Glam products are excluded.) I know many makeup pack rats that will hold onto things just because they are limited edition, but if you don’t use it within a certain amount of time then it’s not limited edition anymore it’s just old.

Old makeup + dirty brushes = bacteria.  Clean your brushes people!!  I place mine in a mason jar filled with 1/4 cup warm water and a capful of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. Immerse the bristles only up to the ferrule (metal part that holds them in place) and swish.  Rinse until the water runs clear and set on a clean towel to air dry. I also use antibacterial wipes to keep them clean in between )just rub the brush on the wipe until you don’t see any residue).

Makeup is not made to last forever.  Like any product (including fragrances) it has a shelf life, if there is any kind of ring or mark on a powder or if it smells.  It’s bad…trust me.  Also, please try to tightly close your mascara after use…if air gets inside it will shorten the shelf life and invite bacteria in.

So get in there and clean house!  Your face, eyes and body will thank you.  I have an article called Safety 101 with some guidelines to follow when doing your clean up on what to keep and what to toss.  Happy New Year!!!!

Clean Pretty!

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  • Carla

    I wish they would have done that a long time ago. I have so many lipsticks I would not have if I didn’t have to pick something since it was free. I’d be much happier with eyeshadow pans. :)

  • kia

    happy new year makeup girl!

  • pierce mattie

    Hi Makeup Girl,

    And if you have too many skin care creams? …

    I have a little skin care advice if your like me and find yourself with a zillion wrinkle creams at the end of the year. I turn them into body lotions and rub them on my hands, legs and chest before bedtime.


  • TheMakeupGirl

    Thanks Pierce! What a great idea!!!

  • naadii

    just wanted to clarify about the back to m.a.c. recycling program…i got this info directly from m.a.c. headquarters online department. it is true that you can receive a lipglass, lipstick, or eyeshadow now, but this ONLY applies at freestanding M.A.C. stores or if you mail them in to the online department. Don’t try to go to a regular M.A.C. counter in a department store and exchange for a lipglass or eyeshadow, because they only exchange for lipsticks.

    below is a link to download the back to mac form if you want to mail it in to the online dept. you can trade for lipglass and eyeshadow eventhough the form hasn’t been updated.