Polar Vortex: 4 Products to Protect Your Face in Cold Weather

How to Protect Your Face in Cold Weather…i.e. the Polar Vortex (do we even know what that is??!)  I have worked in the cosmetics industry for many MANY years, and in those years I have touched the skin of many a lady. Older ladies, all ethnicities…you name it. While touching the skin of those ladies, I also listened.  I listened to what they absolutely HAD to have, the products that they worshiped and waited for. You may be saying something like, “Oh my skin isn’t hat dry so I don’t need anything extra…” WRONG.  If you need an extra later of clothing, you need something EXTRA for your face.

Cold Weather Products

Back in the day… I was working for Prescriptives at the now defunct legendary Bonwit Teller in New York city.  One night during the holidays, the most fabulous older woman breezed into the cosmetics department at 8:45 pm wearing a fur hat and a full length fur coat. She looked like Dihann Carroll and had the most AMAZING skin.  The department was pretty empty, so I asked her if she needed help. She asked if I could help her at Lancome, I said sure and led her to the counter. This woman proceeded to ask me for the entire stock of Nutrix cream we had on hand.  She wanted to buy ALL OF IT.  When she saw my shock, she said to me, “It can heal anything darling, even a burn.” Wow…I had never even heard of Nutrix…I didn’t even know they made that as it was not out in the tester unit with all the other products – I had to hunt for it.

The moral of the story ladies is this, when you find something that works, stick with it and share it with the world!! Many ladies have already gone through the manic search for the one true thing.  Ask your grandmother what she used (if she hasn’t told you already!) and give it a try.  Here are my picks for Polar Vortex Winter Protection..

The Rundown:

Lancome Nutrix  [$50] Protects and re-hydrates patches of severe dryness everywhere: face, lips, hands, even elbows and knees. Soothes windburn, sunburn and leaves a protective layer between you and the environment.  First launched 70 years ago, and hailed as ‘The Magical Cream’. Many surgeons recommended it’s use after operations to aid wound-healing, and as a remedy for any type of burn, rash and most importantly, shielding skin in extreme temperatures – it was once tested at -47˚, in Finland.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream [$19.50] This wondersalve is in the purses of beauty editors and makeup artists worldwide. Created by Ms. Arden herself, this legendary, award-winning cream calms, protects and hydrates skin for up to eight hours. Also shapes brows, restores shine, and smoothes cuticles

Kiehl’s Rosa Artica Anti-Aging Cream [$60] Is a powerhouse anti-aging cream that is medium textured, yet very rich feeling and absorbs fairly quickly. With Squalane (moisturizing oil derived from the olive, Vitamin E, Rosa Artica (the regeneration flower that can survive up to 31 months in a dry out cycle) and Lipids like cocoa and shea butters and essential fatty acids such as oleic, stearic and palmatic acid to help replenish skin’s barrier.

Vaseline Cocoa Butter Jelly [$3.50] Runners have used Vaseline for YEARS to protect their faces outside, this particular formula has cocoa butter in it for extra moisture.  It provides a layer of protection between your skin & the cold air. Smear this on your cheeks before you go outside.

Stay Pretty!!

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  • http://makeupbag.net Erika

    I think my grandmother actually HAD that! I was so creeped out as a kid when she’d grease herself up with night cream before bed. I just could not understand why anyone would do that to themself… And here I am doing the same thing, LOL!

  • jamie

    I currently have a crazy rash from retin-a, and I cant find nutrix on the lancome website, is it discontinued in the u.s. stores as well?

  • http://themakeupgirlblog.com themakeupgirl

    Nutrix is not available in the US any longer (booo!)but you can find it online. Amazon had it as well as some other stores. If you are having trouble finding it, you can also subsitute Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream,

  • jamie

    thank god i do have some of 8 hour cream home. but did your friend have little bumps as well as redness on her chin?

    thank you very much for answer these questions! i’ve never seen my face in such a red mess and my doctor tells me i just have to wait for it to go away.

  • http://www.zensbridal.co.uk/ zensbridal

    Am really scared to use these kinds of product, because i always go with natural items to maintain skin… But still do you suggest me?

  • http://www.liannefarbes.com/about Lianne

    If you are looking for something natural I would suggest you check out your local health food store in the beauty section. Look for items that are a heavier consistency. Good luck!