Browhaus Brow Resurrection Review + Photos [VIDEO]

Browhaus Brow Resurrection Review First off, I have NEVER had good eyebrows – EVER.  They have always been sparse at best, and I have ALWAYS filled them in with something (when I was a teenager, I used to put mascara on top of them).  At one point a few years back….I had even considered getting eyebrow tattoos – but EVERYONE that I have seen with them looks so unnatural!  They fade to gray and/or green….and look like a big block of color.  No thanks please. Then… day I discovered BrowHaus. they have salons in Singapore and London and NOW NYC (yayyyyyy!)  So a week ago, I got a service called Brow Resurrection and it has literally saved my life (and the life of my eyebrows) they are resurrected!!

Browhaus Brow Resurrection - Before

My puny brows – Before the procedure

From the Browhaus press materials:  Brow Resurrection is a signature semi-permanent treatment that boasts a more detailed and natural stroke, finer than normal brow embroidery techniques. This patented technique is exclusive to Browhaus and involves 5 years of dedicated R&D to perfect. It is our most advanced technique, more sophisticated than previous BR versions. 

The procedure takes about 2-3 hrs (mine took about 2.5) and is completely painless (at least it was for  me!).  First up, you do a consultation.  Your brow architect  will trim your brows with a razor (she doesn’t use tweezers, wax or threading because she doesn’t want to open the pore) then fills them in with a pencil. She uses small fine strokes that mimic your own hairs, the pencil is one that you can purchase at the salon (it’s an awesome pencil, but after this you won’t need it).  Your brows are shaped until you are happy with the results (my technician Michelle went back and shaped mine more after the initial pass). Speaking of Michelle….she is an advanced brow architect who is doing all the training for the London location.  She is a perfectionist and spends more time than usual making sure your brows are not only the right shape, but also balanced for your face.

Browhaus Brow Resurrection - AFTER

My brows after the procedure

The semi-permanent procedure starts with numbing cream after your shape is created and the brows are achieved with a “stamping tool” (it looks like an exacto knife or a scalpel) with 14 tiny needles that creates scratches made into the skin’s surface to create detailed and natural looking “hairs” that are then filled in with the 100% vegetable-based dye.  For me it was painless…and kind of relaxing (see for yourself in my photos and video below).  Once the “hairs” are filled in, you get to a halfway point and halfway numbing lotion is applied.  This ensures that you are completely numb (all you will feel is pressure).  Then she will cover your brows with the dye for a period of time, wipe them down and go back in to do more detailed work. All creams and lotions are single use only, in addition, so are the tools. They are individually sealed, sterilized and disposed of for hygiene purposes.  Afterwards, there is some scabbing and some of the dye will flake off, you use the after care products called build and fix twice a day.  You can go on with your daily routine (I went to several events etc. and my brows just looked a little stronger/darker).  In about a week, everything comes off and you will see the color that is intended.  In 1 to 3 months after the treatment, you come back to get a tune-up to perfect your brows to your liking (some areas take the color more than others – so adjustments need to be made afterwards to get them exactly the way you want them). Once the tune up is complete the process lasts up to 2 years.  No more eyebrow pencils, waxes, pomades! PLUS I will wake UP with them, I can swim with them…nothing will come off!  So much more natural than a tattoo! I did a video of the entire process so you could see……it’s pretty amazing.

For TMG readers, Browhaus is offering a 10% discount. To claim the discount you just have to book through their Facebook page by either writing on the wall, or sending a private message with your booking request.  So get IN THERE, book your appointment and have your first summer of fabulous eyebrows!


BR (Define) Lengthening: $725*
BR (Define) Full Brows: $925*
BR (Natural) Lengthening: $1,200**
BR (Natural) Full Brow: $1,600**
*Includes one free touch up within 3 months.
**Includes unlimited Touch-ups for two years

The consultation is free, and during the consult the Brow Architect will not only draw in the brow, but help you decide which process will give you optimal results.  While this is a pricey procedure, I am so happy with the results that I am a  customer for life.  It feels SO GREAT to wake up with eyebrows!!!

Stay Pretty!!

Disclosure: Brow Resurrection Service was provided by Browhaus for editorial consideration. All opinions are my own…

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