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Here are my top 5 Face Oils.  If you don’t know or haven’t heard, face oils are everywhere these days.  If you are not well versed you can make a wrong turn.  Alternatively if you know nothing, you might end up passing up something that could be very beneficial for your skin!  Here is a little guide followed by a rundown of my top 5 favorites on the market right now.

First off, face oils in general get a bad rap.  They are regarded with high amounts of suspicion (“An oil?  I can’t do that, it will break me out!” or “I can’t put an oil on my face, it will make me oily!”) WRONG.  If you are oily OR dry, you can benefit from and use a face oil. Contrary to popular belief, oils will NOT break you out (it’s not like you are putting crisco on your face here, these are highly curated blends of essential oils, plant oils and in some cases vitamin oils all which have a purpose for any skin type).  You just need to find the one that’s right for YOUR skin.  Speaking of skin, it needs natural oils (yes, even if you are oily) to remain lubricated and protected.  If we strip away ALL oil then our skin produces more to compensate.  You would do much better trying to find something to reduce the oil production like a clay or purifying mask rather than to strip the oil away.

Secondly oils are NOT oily.  Sure there are some that may feel oilier than others but for the most part, most of them will feel like and work like a serum. Facial oils are chemical free, anti oxidant specialists, they are not water based like a cream or a serum so they don’t require any kind of synthetic preservative.  You get the pure essence of the oil that can have any number of nutrients added as a bonus.  Use these as a treatment or skincare booster.  Start with a clean face and add your oil directly to the skin FIRST.  Why?  Because when we layer products we always start with the thinnest first. The thinnest one is the taskmaster…it’s putting in some work, so you want your skin to absorb it directly.  Follow with your moisturizer. Top 5 Face Oils The Rundown:

Rodial Stem Cell Super Food Face Oil This is my favorite by far simply because of the texture.  It doesn’t FEEL like an oil…more like a light serum.  It’s packed with concentrated blend of super-food actives provides nourishment and hydration for the skin. Rich in anti-oxidants, omega 3, 6 and 9 and Vitamins A, B5, C and E, this skin-rejuvenating formula is quickly absorbed for deep nourishment while advanced PhytoCellTech™ Alp Rose stem-cell technology protects skin from daily aggressions.  I used mine all up in about 9 weeks….

Fresh Seaberry Moisturizing Face Oil This is a nourishing oil that is also VERY light and absorbs quickly.  It has seaberry, cranberry seed, camellia seed, grapeseed, and sweet almond and is packed with restorative omegas. Both dry to combo/acne prone can use it effectively with amazing results.

Peter Thomas Roth Oilless Oil  This is recommended for all skin types.  Its is a luxurious moisturizer that softens skin while improving the look of fine lines, elasticity, and radiance. It contains squalane which is lightweight, odorless and mimics the naturally occurring squalene found in the body’s own skin. It absorbs rapidly and does not create a surface barrier like a traditional oil, allowing skin to breathe.

Algenist Anti Aging Repairing Oil This oil is fast absorbing and non greasy (love that!) But it is also an anti-aging powerhouse working to repair/soften fine lines and wrinkles.  It is formulated with microalgae oil (rich on Omega 9) combined with ceramides and a brown algae extract, visibly restores elasticity.  This one is a home run.

Caudalie Divine Oil This is the only one I like that is just for the body (although I have used this on my face when I travel long distances) This is an antioxidant, moisturizing body oil contains active ingredients plus antioxidant grape polyphenols and draining ginkgo biloba. It is perfect as a post-sun product as well.

So get your pretty on and drop an oil into your skincare routine!!

Stay Pretty!!

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  • jamie @makeuplifelove

    Love this post!!! Amen to noting and pointing it out that dry or oily skin can rock a facial oil. I agree with you I am totally obsessed with the Rodial StemCell oil and have seen a huge difference in the texture and radiance of my skin. Love it. Great choices!!!

  • Lianne

    Thanks Jamie! I LOOOVE a good face oil! Isn’t the Rodial one DIVINE??!

  • Lianne

    I have samples the Nude oil and I really like it. Going back for more to do a full review…it’s similar in texture to the Rodial one above. 😉

  • Sidenee

    I am a fan of coconut oil as it always feels lush whenever I use it. Over the last few months I have also used Manketti oil – mostly on my hair but also on my face. I love the stuff! Great for reducing damage from the sun too.