How to Use Cheekbone Contouring Products…

How to Use Cheekbone Contouring Products.  Highlighting and contouring is very de rigueur these days.  There are countless YouTube videos and how to posts all about mimicking the look of sculpted cheekbones a la Kim Kardashian.  Now we have Angelina and her magnificence…creating a beauty frenzy surrounding her intensely sculpted face in the new film “Maleficent”.  Angelina Jolie’s makeup artist and secret beauty weapon Toni G explains how to work with the growing crop of face-defining cosmetics.

For her role as the most evil sorceress in the land,  Jolie’s cheekbones were accentuated using tiny prosthetics applied by Rick Baker, but Toni G says that in real life, the actress doesn’t need any help enhancing them. “They actually kind of just define themselves, so we concentrate on just, you know, her eyes and her lips – what color she’s going to wear – and a nice base.”

If you were not aware, Toni G worked with MAC to create the recent capsule collection Maleficient.  There are also several contouring products on the market like NARS Contour Blush and Tarte The Sculptor, all of which will give you the definition you are looking for in a snap. How do you do it you say????  It’s a lot easier than you think.  If you were not blessed with cheekbones that could slice butter (and even if you were, everyone needs a little definition in their lives!) Toni G explains how to achieve the look of architectural features with a few simple guidelines. Read on……

Angelina Jolie Maleficent

The Rundown:

Break it down before you begin.
“I would start out with a base, and then I would add my highlights and then I would add the contour.”

Identify and highlight the under-the-eye triangle.
“If you took a pencil from your nose to your upper cheekbone, you would just take that ‘V’ from the corner of your eye to the nose and highlight that whole area under your eye. That would help enhance your cheekbones – and with a light contour. I like to work more with highlights than doing too much contour.”

Fill in the hollows.
“For the contour, you feel where your cheekbone is, and you kind of go right under that – and don’t take it too far to your mouth. I would keep it, you know, just halfway from your ear to the midpart of your cheekbone. Just don’t take it too far down; then it becomes obvious.”

Blend the contouring color up and away.
“If you’re using a cream, you blend it out with your sponge until there’s no hard lines — and then same with the powder, except you would use a brush. From where you put it, blend it up.”

Don’t forget the eyes.
“The thing with cheekbones is – I would say the more defined your eyes are, that the focus will be taken away.”

This interview appears in T, The New York Times Style Magazine

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