The Pulse Network Interview For MAC Bloggers Obessions – Hocus Pocus [VIDEO]…

As I stated earlier, The Bloggers Obsessions collection goes live on Tuesday (6/21) Maggie Rulli from The Look on The Pulse Network out of Boston interviewed me about my experience in the Lab at the Estee Lauder Companies…check it out….     Stay Pretty!!

TMG Project: Happy Birthday To Meeee & Appearance on The Look on TPN….

Hey all!!  Today is my 44th birthday and after 44 years on the planet earth, you learn not to sweat the small stuff.  Very little bothers me these days, I have always been a member of the “Say what you mean and mean what you say” club.  This applies now more than ever.  This past […]

Happy 5th Blogiversary to TMG!!

Every year, I let this moment sneak quietly by but not this year!!  As of April 14th, The Makeup Girl is officially 5 years old!  Never in my wildest dreams could I imagine that starting something just to talk about my obsession with makeup and skincare would evolve into what it is today. I am happy that […]

TMG Project: Come See Me at the HBA Expo In NYC!

Hey people!!  I’m excited to announce that I will be on a panel along with two FABULOUSLY talented blogger buddies Nadine Jolie and Shannon Nelson next Tuesday at the HBA Expo in New York City!  Our panel is called TIPS ON THE BEAUTY BLOGOSPHERE and starts at 12:30 EST on Tuesday September 28th.  If you […]

Gone Fishing….

Well not really….BUT I was working on a project that required SO much of my time that I was unable to attend to things here at TMG.  I am so so sorry my babies but I promise to make  it up to you.  The entire 4 years I have maintained this blog I have never […]

Happy 4th Birthday to The Makeup Girl!!

I did it again people…..I let this blogiversary slip by once again!  Every year, it kind of creeps up on me because it’s the week before MY birthday!  As of April 14th, The Makeup Girl is 4 years old.  I know you probably don’t believe me, but I am still so in awe and humbled […]

Contest: Enter To Win a NYFW Media Mixer Gift Bag…

Hello All!!  I know I haven’t had a contest in a minute and I wanted to try and give you something GOOD!  So here it is….a gift bag with some of the hottest items from the party that Paul Baranda & I threw….the NYFW Media Mixer! Here is your chance to win a gift bag […]

TMG Project: A Look Inside the 2nd Bi-Annual NYFW Media Mixer…

In case you didn’t know, Paul Baranda of Beyond Beauty Basics and I have been throwing some parties [checkout the inaugural NYFW Media Mixer here].  Last fall, Paul and I joined forces to bring together our online media friends and a few beauty brands for a big “tweetup”.  Little did we know that it would […]

Read This: TMG Mentioned in the November 2009 Best of the Web Issue of InStyle Magazine!

First off, to InStyle readers…WELCOME welcome welcome to my humble abode! To regular readers that have stuck with me over the past 3+ years….Holy $#@&!!!!! Can you even??? I would also like to give a huge thank you to the editors of InStyle for reading/recognizing TMG as well!  I am thrilled beyond belief that The […]

Read This: The Makeup Girl is Expanding!

Well as you know, I post a lot over here….and guess what?  It’s getting kinda crazy!  So I am pleased to announce that I have expanded my editorial team. From now on, The Makeup Girl will be covering more beauty events and will cater to the number one email issue I have at the moment…men’s […]

Read This: TheMakeupGirl’s Social Media Profiles…

Hello Readers!  I just wanted to give you a quick update on where to find me on the web!  Social Media is changing the way we do everything, including blogging!  There are so many portals and so much information that sometimes it seems hard to keep up.  SO here is a little blurb on where […]