TMG Investigates: Skin Types VS. Skin Conditions…


Day after day women approach the cosmetics counter in search for the perfect cleanser, moisturizer, or foundation. The most common question they are greeted with is: “Great! What is your skin type?” Though some women know exactly what their skin type is, most of us find that we have absolutely no idea. First off there […]

DermTV’s Dr. Neal Schultz…


I was recently invited to attend a press breakfast with leading Park Avenue Dermatologist and founder, Dr Neal Schultz. As a card carrying member of the “I LOVE MY SKIN” club, I squealed at the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Schultz and absorb his 30+ years of dermatological expertise while noshing on assorted […]

Get This: Tatcha Japanese Blotting Papers…


Blotting papers are essential these days…they are the best way to remove oiliness without depositing anything back onto your skin. The worst thing in the world you can do is take that sponge from your powder, dab it on the powder and straight onto your oily face.  That’s how you get that dreaded powder ring…you […]