The Last Post….

Hello my dearest readers.  I know things have been quiet around here and with good reason, this is the last post on TheMakeupGirl.  After almost 10 glorious years, I have decided to shut down this blog.  Truth be told, my heart hasn’t been in it for a while now, and I think maybe you might have been able to feel that.  Blogging was so different when I started out.  It was all about writing about what I loved and sharing it with you.  Then all of a sudden – brands wanted to attach themselves to that and everything became about money, likes, engagement and followers.  Don’t get me wrong, I am flattered by the attention of PR executives and the like but that’s not why I started this blog.  It’s turned into a machine and I am ready to get off the mouse wheel.


A very SMALL sampling of my addiction…

I read an article last month that kind of grossed me out.  As an experiment, a writer set up a fake business online just to see how easy it would be to “buy” an online reputation.  Guess what, it was pretty easy. I feel (and have felt for a long time) like the all of the sponsored posts etc rings pretty inauthentic to me and maybe to you too.  I will let you in on a little secret though, blogging costs money.  I did my taxes this year and realized I hadn’t been writing off my web hosting.  So I went to my account and was able to get a receipt for the year – I almost had a heart attack when I saw the total.  It was over $1000.  So feeling like you have to do sponsored things to keep the lights on is a lot of pressure! I don’t want to do that anymore. It’s not fair to me and it’s definitely not fair to you. That is NOT what TMG has ever been about.

I am a beauty girl through and through, I will always be.  It’s in my blood! I have been using beauty products since I was EIGHT.  I am a makeup artist, I am a brand specialist/ingredient junkie.  I love answering questions and connecting with you guys.  I would just prefer to connect with you on my other platforms where I can engage with you, talk about my obsession with my forehead lines, botox and pricey creams and keep it 100%.

You can connect with me in the following places:

Twitter:  @TheMakeupGirl

Instagram:  @MakeupGirlBlog

Pinterest:  @makeupgirlblog

Periscope:  @TheMakeupGirl

Snapchat: @MakeupGirlBlog

I will keep this domain and likely forward it to something else eventually.  I am really proud of the things I was able to accomplish here.  Blogging has introduced me to people, things and places that I would have never been able to do had it never happened.  I got to speak on panels and do a keynote for TheMakeupShow, I got to cover New York Fashion Week!!  I got to create and host an amazing event for bloggers called Cocktails and Couture, I got to create my own eyeshadow for MAC Cosmetics (I still can’t believe that one!), I got to write a book, I got to travel, meet new people…but best of all I got to write.  Which is something I have always loved to do.  Lately, I found that I was doing less and less of that and more and more of deadlines, sponsored posts, editing sponsored posts to meet brand partners specifications, emailing legal departments at PR companies etc.  After a while, I felt like blogging wasn’t helping me write, but it was keeping me from it.  So I am putting a stop to that right now.  This blog used to be fun for me and now that I feel like it isn’t, I want to stop before I become resentful of it.

So….to my faithful readers that have stuck by me for almost 10 years, I love you.  I will see you around the interwebs and hopefully on one of my social platforms.