TMG Faves: Rodial Stem Cell Superfood Cleanser…

Rodial Stem Cell Superfood Cleanser [$40] is my JAM.  Okay….my 47th birthday is rapidly approaching.  I have always been about skincare, but these days, it’s all about elevated clinical levels of skincare.  This year, I started using an anti-aging foundation, and everything else in my arsenal got a once over.  If it doesn’t have SPF or another ingredient inside that benefits my skin – it got the heave ho.  Same with my cleanser.  I have been using Rodial Stem Cell Superfood Cleanser for a month now and I am HOOKED.  My skin is glowy feeling, less dehydrated, more soft, more supple and for $40, it is an absolute bargain.

Rodial Stemcell Super Food Cleanser TMG Faves:  Rodial Stem Cell Superfood Cleanser...

Stemcell Super Food Cleanser is a nourishing dual-action cleansing cream with advanced stem cell technology, from the PhytoCellTec Alp Rose. The potent super-food complex of antioxidants, Coconut Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Rose Wax and Cocoa Butter gently cleanses and feeds essential nutrients to the skin for instant relief to dehydrated complexions.

The Rundown:

  • Advanced stem cell technology from the PhytoCellTec Alp Rose
  • Super-food complex of anti-oxidants, Coconut Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Rose Wax and Cocoa Butter
  • Comes with a 100% cotton muslin cloth.
  • Reveals younger-looking skin.
  • Boosts vitality and promotes radiance.
  • Can be used by all skin types.

It comes in a jar with a muslin cloth….very creamy.  This is good on any skin type but perfect for dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin.  I start with removing my eye makeup (not necessary but it’s a habit for me, I like to use my eye makeup remover to get mascara off) then I fill up the sink with hot water (my hands seem to be made of asbestos so as hot as you can stand) get a small amount of the cleanser (I use about a quarter size) and massage into my face then dampen the muslin cloth with the hot water and remove.  You will see younger looking, revitalized skin instantly.  You need to rinse the muslin cloth well after each use and wash once a week.  I have also used this with a regular washcloth as well, same results.

You can get yours at SpaceNK.

Cleanse Pretty!!


Spring 2014: MAC Proenza Schouler Collection…

Yesss! the MAC Proenza Schouler Collection is almost here! It’s been a while since MAC did a really good warm weather designer collaboration. This one has OMBRE…yes ombre (in blush form of course) and some pretty badass shades to get you hyped for some warm weather color goodness!

PROENZA SCHOULER BEAUTY Spring 2014:  MAC Proenza Schouler Collection...

For the first time, the cool cleverness of the Proenza Schouler woman is captured in a collection of confident colour, featuring specially designed, limited-edition packaging. Lipstick bullets, square compacts and Pro Longwear pencils gleam with a unique, luxurious, metallic finish. Four Nail Lacquers glide on in creamy, urban hues. Introducing NEW shades of Blush Ombre in Sunset Beach and Ocean City – face powders in cool pink and warm peach, fused into fuchsia and coral gradients. I am SUPER excited about the ombre blushes…can;t wait to see those up close!

The Rundown:

Lipstick ($22.00 U.S. / $26.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Woodrose Light pink with beige (Lustre)
  • Pinkfringe Vivid flamingo pink (Satin)
  • Mangrove Bright clean orange-red (Matte)
  • Primrose Sheer berry plum (Lustre)

Blush Ombre ($30.00 U.S. / $35.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Ocean City Coral orange ombre into beige
  • Sunset Beach Pink ombre into beige

Pro Longwear Eye Liner ($21.00 U.S. / $25.00 CDN)

  • Black Ice Rich black (Permanent in Regular Packaging)
  • Rich Experience True brown (Permanent in Regular Packaging)

Pro Longwear Lip Pencil ($21.00 U.S. / $25.00 CDN)

  • Dynamo Bright peony (Permanent in Regular Packaging)
  • High Energy Bright orange-red cream (Permanent in Regular Packaging)

Brush ($38.50 U.S. / $46.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • 129SE Powder/Blush Brush Proenza Schouler Edition

Nail Lacquer ($17.50 U.S. / $21.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Thimbleweed Pale nude (Cream)
  • Bougainvillea Bright orange coral (Cream)
  • Dayflower Clean plum (Cream)
  • Nocturnelle Black as night (Cream) (Permanent)

Available: North America April 24, 2014 at all M·A·C locations, 1.800.588.0070 and INTERNATIONAL April 2014 at select M·A·C locations, 1.800.588.0070 and

Happy 8th Anniversary TMG!!

Happy 8th Anniversary TMG!! Here we go again!!  Can you believe it has been 8 years?  I certainly can’t.  It seems like only yesterday that I started this little blog. There have been so many rewarding experiences that I am 100% grateful for.  This past year, I started working for a cosmetics company (kind of full circle right??)  I’m doing that part time and still work on the blog day-to day.

happy birthday candle light Happy 8th Anniversary TMG!!

For those of you that don’t know, I started my blog while I was working in a cubicle at BearingPoint Consulting Services.  A  job that I was very good at, but that I didn’t really like all that much. I had previously been in the beauty business for YEARS working for brands like Borghese, Lancome. Clarins and Prescriptives (where I was a custom blender).  Then one day, I was at a point in my life where I craved stability (who likes living paycheck to paycheck – right??) and getting what I dubbed a “real job” gave me that.  A steady paycheck, health insurance…you know the American dream.  Problem is, I was MISERABLE.  I was still a beauty junkie through and through, still trolled the drugstores, department stores and Sephora, still gave advice to friends and family.  So I started doing makeup on the side for portraits and bridal parties which was a good side gig, I won’t lie.  One day, a client suggested I start a blog (which I had NO idea how or what that was) and she told me about Julia’s blog AATP (Julia is now one of my very good friends!) So I checked her blog out, contacted her, and then became obsessed with beauty blogs.  I searched on the internet, looked high and low and found many just like me starting out like Shake Your Beauty, Beauty Blogging Junkie, A Girls Gotta Spa, Makeup Bag, Beautiful Makeup Search and so many more….and the rest is history!  In my first post, I was talking about how I was addicted to lip balm and how my Nana gave me my first Rosebud Salve. I blogged so much from my office job, that the web filters eventually blocked my site altogether (ooops…LOL)

Now 8 years later, I have covered 14 seasons of New York Fashion Week (which I am not sure I will continue but we shall see), I have made on air network television appearances, developed and promoted an eyeshadow for MAC Cosmetics, became a brand ambassador for Avon RoC Skincare and Aveeno and I speak nationally about social media and the beauty industry.

This past year I also wrote a book, I’ve increased my speaking engagements and I started working for Hourglass Cosmetics part time…WOW right?  What a year.  I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. I have met TRUE FRIENDS that I love and care about, had amazing experiences, business opportunities, all because of TMG.  I am in awe and humbled by how many of you actually read what I write and care what I have to say!  It’s a true joy for me to be able to bring you what I feel are the latest and greatest in beauty to your computer screen everyday. I feel like reaching an audience in this way is so much more rewarding (for me and you) because I feel like I am just sitting down talking with you.  If you ever meet me, you will realize that I am a hugger, and I have met readers and done just that HUG!  I am so thankful for you that you let me into your life everyday!  I also hope that I can continue to be a source of advice and encourage all of you to achieve your personal beauty goals whatever they may be!

Who knows what the future holds but I am here for the ride wherever it takes me! If you will be in NYC for The Makeup Show next month,  I will be speaking in their brand new Focus Series  on Saturday May 3rd from 11-12pm called Marketing Me: Strategies for Success in the Freelance Career.  If you miss me there, I am also doing my first ever keynote at The Makeup Show in Chicago in June! So come see me!!!  Also, make sure you reach out to me on Twitter and we can meet up have a drink and a HUG! Thank you from the BOTTOM OF MY HEART for 7 years of readership.  It means so much…

xoxo Lianne

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