How to save money when buying makeup


People use makeup to enhance what is already there. But some cosmetic products can be quite expensive so you’ve got to be smart when buying makeup. Here are frugalista tips for you.

Don’t limit yourself to brand names

Buying luxury brands or branded makeup does not necessarily mean they are the best. You would be surprised that some drugstore brands and unknown brands are great dupes for those expensive brands. Not only that, those expensive makeup products might not sit well with your skin. It is all about shopping around and picking what works best with your skin type and your skin tone, brand name notwithstanding.

Make e-commerce work for you

The makeup counters and physical shops usually offer discounts and hold sales. But wait till you go to online stores. You may be amazed at the discount prices they offer. And it is not just the brand’s website that offers great products at low, low prices. You can go to retail sites and check out cosmetic discount codes that you can avail anytime. These can help you enjoy price drops so check them out. Signing up on their newsletter will alert you of sales in advance so you can get your A-game on and be prepared.

Support recycling

Some cosmetic brands are quite vocal and open about supporting environmental initiatives. And to do their part, they encourage recycling. When you return empty containers of their products, they treat you to freebies.


Take advantage of beauty influencers

If you love watching makeup tutorials or makeup reviews by beauty influencers, you will love them more for the discount codes they share with their followers on their social media accounts. So be sure to check out their Twitter feeds, YouTube channels, and Instagram accounts for these discount codes and avail of all the discounts they can offer.


Mind the cookies

All internet sites use cookies to keep track of your surfing habits. E-commerce sites and product websites make use of cookies to know how often you visit their site. Unbeknownst to you, every time you check out certain prices of products, these cookies help the site take note of your visits. The more often you visit a site, you don’t notice it, but the prices hike up a bit, all thanks to the cookies. So make sure you clear your cache and clear the cookies every time you surf.

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