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Rebound relationships: All stages, and how to know you are in one?


Ending a relationship, no matter how trivial, is difficult, no matter what people say. Moving on is difficult phase. Some say that the best way to forget is to get back in the saddle again. This kind of relationship is often known as the rebound relationship. Rebound relationships have different stages. How to know you are in one, recognize it by knowing the phages.

Finding the One phase

After coming from a breakup the person you have a relationship with right after that breakup is usually the exact opposite of the person you broke up with. The previous relationship might have ended because of different issues and the new person may give you the feeling that it will be completely different with him or her.

Unfortunately, seeing how different the new person is from the previous one does not exactly mean this new relationship will be successful. If the only basis is that the new person does not show signs of any similarity with the previous partner, you might be asking for more trouble. However, it also does not mean the new relationship will end in failure. It may be a good thing that the new partner is different from the previous one. Different may be what you need now.

The Honeymoon phase

As with any relationship, the newness of any relationship only brings sunshine and roses. Everything seems perfect, which is pretty much the way each relationship starts. As you get to know each other, there is a subconscious checklist, comparing the ex with the new mate. And so far, the new mate still comes out on top. There might be little irritants but you can shrug them off still. Not to rain on anyone’s parade but the reality of any relationship will come out once the thrill of being new wears off.

The Breakdown

Once the honeymoon phase winds down, real life starts to rear its ugly head. The small irks you noticed seem to bother you a bit more. The things that seems quite cute at the beginning start to become irritating. Unfortunately, if you are just being stubborn and do not want to be proven wrong, you will keep everything inside and carry on like everything is perfect still. But not talking about it out is exactly like keeping Pandora’s box from opening.

The Explosion

At this point, everything that you bottled up inside will eventually come out. The new partner may realize he or she was just a rebound, which may hurt their pride. One good that may come out of this is your realization of what doomed the previous and the current one to failure.

The End/Beginning

When you decide to let go of the past issues and take good stock of what happened to you, you will be ready to start a fresh, new relationship. If the new partner is willing, he or she might take your hand and start afresh. Just always keep in mind what you learned from the past and do better with this next one.

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