How do you know a guy is really into you? Signs to look for


Guys are usually known to be straightforward with their feelings, especially when they like a girl. But just like girls, they also fear rejection and getting hurt after putting themselves out there. So they send out clear, yet subtle signs showing that he is interested and wants to start something with you. It is very important though for the girls not to miss these signs. Because getting no response from the girl means lack of interest. And, since they don’t want to be rejected, they might just quietly walk away and you might wonder what happened.

He fixes himself up for you.

Some guys aren’t naturally vain but if he pays attention to his looks whenever he sees you, count on it that he is interested in you. He would like to present himself as handsome and attractive in your eyes. He will fix his hair in a different way or change his fashion style. If he is into you, he would not care what he looks like in front of you.

Take note of his nonverbals.

When a guy is interested, even when he does not speak, you will see and feel it through his actions. Does he face you when you speak? Does he establish eye contact when you talk? Does he position his body facing you when you are near? He will most likely adopt an “open” position to show you that he is ready to listen to whatever you say.

He listens attentively.

If you are just a friend, there will be times when guys listen, sometimes not. But if he considers you as someone special, he will make it a point to sit up and listen to whatever you have to say. It may be trivial or serious, important or not, he will remember everything you said, including the little details. That is a telltale sign that he is acting more than a friend.

He acts as your protector.

As early as now, he will present himself as a knight in shining armor. When someone does not treat you well, he will step up and demand that you be treated properly. If someone talks badly about you, he will defend your honor. If he does not take it sitting down, you can be certain that he likes you more than just a friend.

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