Lisa Rinna PLEASE Stop with Plastic Surgery


Let’s get one thing straight, I am a Lisa Rinna fan.   Loved her on Days, loved her on Melrose, love her store belle grey, loved her on Dancing With The Stars, love that she is is great shape at over 40…love…love…LOVE.  So it is with a heavy heart that I add her to the Awww Helll Nawww rotation.  I read that she had too much Juvederm in her cheeks and that she regrets it because she thinks “I don’t look like myself…”. Well honey, you are right because it looks uncomfortable babygirl, my face hurts for you.

Damn L.A. doctors, plump this up, plump that up, freeze this freeze that.  I know for a fact that ONE L.A.  OB GYN told a pregnant friend of mine, “You don’t want to gain too much weight because at your age (37) it will be too hard to lose…” Oh so now we are more worried with our appearance than we are are the risk of a low birth weight baby??  UGH.

Here are some before and after shots…one from the beginning of her career and more recently (the last shot was taken last week)

Lisa Rinna Before & After
lisa rinna before and after plastic surgery

Now Lisa, I say this with love….no more please okay?  You are beyootiful just the way you are.  That is all…

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