Do guys mean it when they compliment you?


In this day and age, we have become used to people saying one thing and meaning another. So it is normal to take everything you see and hear with a grain of salt. But how about if a guy tells you that you are beautiful? Should you believe it right off the bat? It is a struggle and can be confusing if you should believe it or not. Then, the choice of words can throw you in a doozy too. Is it a good thing if he calls you cute? According to guys, heck yeah! It is definitely a compliment. It has nothing to do with being childish or being small. And everything to do with having the confidence to be who you truly are. And here is an insider secret: when you are cute, you don’t have to try too hard to get attention. It is already automatic.

So, if a guy tells you that you are beautiful, is it sincere? Should be taken according to its face value? Does it have a hidden meaning? So what gives?

According to guys, guys, in general, do not give out fake or insincere compliments. Imagine just meeting a guy then receiving a compliment from him and a date invite. Does he mean it? Yes, you can count on the sincerity of the compliment. For guys, the use of words can be complicated. Since you do not know each other well, guys have to be extra careful with his choice of words. If he says you are “cute,” you might think he thinks you childish. If he says “pretty”, you might think he is superficial. If he uses “sexy,” you might think him too forward and just wants to score. For guys, “beautiful” is a safe and clear word. This is their way of expressing their feelings for you and their interest in you without hopefully scaring you off.

Now, when a guys compliments you too often, it might mean more than that. It is possible that he likes you a lot but is finding it hard to confess his feelings so he just hides behind his compliments. Most of the time, it is so get to know you more and/or take the relationship to another level. In some cases, a guy may compliment you because he wants to ask a favor of you and is trying to butter you up. A sincere compliment will strike a chord in you. So use your intuition to discern his intentions in complimenting you.

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