Owen Wilson and His Nose: The Story behind his broken Nose


Owen Wilson is a Hollywood A-lister that is both charming and relatable. His character portrayals are usually quirky funny and lovable. One of his iconic traits is his nose. Broken though it is, it is one of Owen’s endearing qualities and makes him more charming.

Handsome as he is now, crooked nose and all, many netizens wonder how he broke his nose and what he looked like before he broke his nose. There are many reports saying that he broke his nose several times. But there are no photos of Owen with a straight nose. Many people also ask why Owen has not bothered getting it fixed.

Many speculate that his nose is in its state now because of playing football. Others say that it is because of figuring in fights in high school. Both are believable since he used to play football and was a troublemaker in his younger years.

During interviews, when asked about his nose, Owen does not seem keen on shedding light on the cause of his broken nose. But he acknowledges that it has given him that edge and it has become his trademark.

Compared to his brothers Andrew and Luke, both actors and good-looking as well, he is the only one with a crooked nose. Will he ever get a nose job for it? We doubt it. In Owen’s words, he is mighty proud of his nose.

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