Are you too skinny? What to watch out for: Signs you should put on more weight


In this day and age, the idea of beauty has changed and it varies in every culture. When Kate Moss strutted on the runway with her waif-like figure, it rocked everybody’s world and changed the idea of beauty for decades to come. Not to mention the presence of Barbie, the famous doll from Mattel. Add to that the influence of social media in the world today where you see a lot of body shaming and bullying happening to people who are on the plump side.

So skinny is supposedly the new sexy in the world today, especially in Asia. But being skinny has nothing to do with being healthy. Here are some telltale signs that you are too skinny for your own good.

Your waist is too tiny

Everybody wants a super tiny waist, just like Barbie. But it also makes you look so frail and fragile. If your vital statistics is no longer proportioned, warning bells should ring.

Your clothes have become too loose.

If your size 0 or extra small clothes have become loose or your clothes look like they are on a hanger when you put them on, these are certified warning signals.

Your subcutaneous fat is almost nil.

When you pinch some skin, it should have a good bounce to the skin. This is because of the fat under the skin. But if there is just skin, then you have become dangerously too thin, especially when all you feel is skin and bones.

Your ribs are more pronounced.

If you are a healthy female, when you stand up straight, your chest should protrude. But since the breasts are made up of fat, if you are too thin, the breasts shrink. And the ribs are not usually prominent when you have a good weight on. But as soon as your breasts flatten because of the lack of fat, your rib cage would be more visible and it would seem that you are flat-chested.

You have big bags under your eyes.

Weight loss is sometimes associated with sleeplessness. And as you lose sleep, you get bags under your eyes. The more often it happens, the bigger your bags become. The eye bags of a person who lack sleep usually appear dark, while the bags of a very skinny person usually appear pink

If these symptoms apply to you, it is best to consult a medical practitioner so you can get back on track to being healthy and beautiful.

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