Must Have: BeautyFix Three for the Summer


BeautyFix rides again with this summertime selection of goodies….if you are not a member of BeautyFix, I ask you  – why not?  These kits with goodies hand picked by a panel of beauty experts (including myself!) is a great way to try high end products once a quarter for a fraction of the price, all in a signature quilted BeautyFix Logo bag.

Things are a little different this time, the kit you receive will vary.  You will receive 9 of these 12 products in your kit.  Each and every product is a fantastic product, and most are full size.  These are by far my fave products of the bunch, so if you are thinking about joining – now is the time.  This is the best kit we have offered to date, in my opinion, so I hope you love it!  These products in Beautyfix3 are worth over $325! SCORE!!

Membership is limited each quarter so now is the time to join.  For a little extra inspiration, follow this link and you can get your first kit for only $19.99 (which is a $30 discount off the $50 price tag!!!) Don’t forget to friend me while you are there after you join!

Stay Pretty!!

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