How to Enjoy a Glamorous Day at the Races


There’s no wrong way to spend a day at the races, you’re guaranteed to enjoy yourself. Whether you’re horse mad and just want to watch the racing itself, or you picture yourself sipping champagne and chatting with friends, you can make a day at the races whatever you want. One way to guarantee you get the most from it though, is to make sure you feel comfortable and confident in how you’re dressed. We’ve pulled together a guide of some looks to consider and some helpful tips to make sure your look lasts all day long. 

Get In The Know 

To make sure your day at the races runs smoothly it’s a good idea to get to know how a typical race schedule works. You’ll begin by visiting the horses in the parade ring, to look for which ones seem fit and also those who are noticeably agitated or sweating. Next, you’ll watch the horses canter down to the starting line. By this time you’ll probably have decided which horse you think is likely to win and you’ll be ready to place a bet. Generally speaking, online bets provide the best value and the largest range of betting options. Making an account is straightforward and means you can bet from a good spot in the grandstand or by the winner’s post, as long as you have a mobile internet connection. 

Makeup To Last All Day

Now that you know what to expect from a day at the racecourse it’s time to get onto the fun bit, the look. Makeup to last in all weathers all day can be tricky, but the key is simple, less really is more. Using a tinted moisturiser instead of a full face of powder and foundation means that if it rains you won’t be left with streaks. Opting for waterproof mascara is a good idea too and ditch false lashes as we all know how difficult they can be in a breeze. Going for a classic look means that if you happen to get papped then you’ll photograph well. A subtle brown smokey eye can bring a little drama without looking too overdone. Matching blush to lipstick looks natural and effortless, if you use a cream blush then you only have to bring one container instead of two in your handbag as well.

Dress To Impress

Looking at horse racing fashion through the ages, it’s always been a great example of the best ‘dressing up’ clothes of the decade. We so rarely have an excuse to go overboard on our outfits so why not celebrate it. A cocktail dress paired with a warm coat and statement hat is a failsafe approach, but you could always dare to be a little different. A tailored jumpsuit is a much more modern option but looks effortlessly classy with a pair of heels. Not only that but you’ll be better dressed for climbing the grandstand stairs, hopping over ropes and any other activities that a day at the races might require of you. 

Finishing Touches

It doesn’t matter how immaculately turned out you are if within seconds of being at the races it all goes pear-shaped. Dressing for outdoor events always requires a little bit of forethought, particularly if the weather might be challenging. Buying a sturdy umbrella that goes with a favourite coat or handbag is a worthwhile investment, not just for horse racing, but for looking effortlessly chic, whilst staying dry, anywhere. Weatherproofing sorted, it’s time to make sure your toes are well looked after as well. If you’ve opted for a stiletto heel then you’re guaranteed to look elegant, but soft turf can play havoc with heels. Turf stoppers are a brilliant invention that slip over your heel and provide a wider base to stop your heels from sinking in the mud. They’re a couple of dollars each, but could save you hundreds in repairs, or even thousands if you’re a Louboutin fan!

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